Former Bolivian football official jailed for three years

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La Paz, Dec 12 (IANS) Bolivia’s Attorney General Ramiro Guerrero has confirmed a three-year prison sentence for Jose Zambrano, former secretary of the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF).

“The judicial authority, on Friday, issued a three-year jail sentence against FBF’s former secretary Jose Zambrano,” Guerrero told local press, reports Xinhua.

Zambrano is accused of organised crime and money laundering, Guerrero said, adding the sentence comes as part of an investigation into suspected wrongdoing by several former Bolivian football officials.

The US Attorney General’s Office is spearheading an investigation into corruption at world soccer body FIFA and regional football associations, leading to numerous arrests of active and former Latin American soccer officials.

Other officials charged with fraud, bribery or misuse of funds include FBF’s president and treasurer of Conmebol (South American Football Confederation), Carlos Chavez, as well as FBF’s second vice president, Jorge Justiniano, and executive secretary, Alberto Lozada.

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