Fraternity Forum Hajj Service: The first team from Riyadh will leave on Thursday

Fraternity Forum Hajj Service: The first team from Riyadh will leave on Thursday

Riyadh: The Arafa team for the Hajj Volunteers Service of India Fraternity Forum will depart from Riyadh on Thursday night. The team this year including 170 volunteers from different states will be sent from Riyadh for Haj services. These include people from North Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar and UP. Their services are available in Arafa, Mustafa and Mina.

The Hajj Service Training was provided to volunteers at various stages in different languages in order to provide better service to the attendees. Captain Ashraf Vengur and Vice Captain Rauf Kallayi led the training.

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Fraternity Forum Regional President Ilyas Tirur presided over the final review meeting. Shabir Ahmed (Maharashtra), Absurl Haq (UP), Abdul Raheem (Tamil Nadu), Abdurazaq (Kerala), Gufran Khan (Bihar), Muhammad Asif (Andhra Pradesh), Hussain Saeed (West Bengal), representing various states. And Telangana were present.

The services of trained Fraternity Forum volunteers provide great relief to Haj pilgrims in all countries, including Indians who speak different languages. Hajj has launched a map and mobile app to help Hajj pilgrims find accommodation in Mina. The Fraternity Forum has been serving volunteers for 24 hours from the first Haji to Mecca. Volunteers provide services such as medical care, water supply, wheelchair installation, and room service to misguided attendees. India Fraternity Forum has been an active participant in the Hajj Volunteer Service for the past 19 years