Ganga Puja Held at River Origin near Kukke

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Ganga Puja Held at River Origin near Kukke Subrahmanya

Subrahmanya: Devotees and pilgrims visiting Shri Kukke Subrahmanya on the lap of the western ghats were not getting ‘tirtha’ from the temple’s own well because it has gone dry.

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Special arrangements are being made to make water from Darpana Tirtha river to flow towards the temple. In keeping with tradition, archak Vasudeva Okunnaya went on foot over 5 kms to Posarugudde where the river takes its origin. He conducted Ganga Puja there.

Water brought from the spot of origin was sprinkled into the flow falling into a copper receptacle near Sankalpa Mandir. Thereafter, tirtha was distributed to devotees in bottles. Owing to depletion of water table in and around the temple’s well, devotees could not be given tirtha over the last week.

Pics by Lokesh Balladka / Shantala

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