Girija of Bangalore – defies age

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Our reader Gayathri Narayan has a story to tell us.

It is a story that can inspire many a pot-bellied youngster to take up some physical activity to try and ensure that the ravages of time can be kinder. Of course, the ladies could always take a leaf out of this and add some more zest into their lives.


Gayathri is employed as a HRMS Officer in the Corporate Office of the ?Royal Group of Companies? at Abu Dhabi. She has been residing in the UAE for the past 8 years with her family. Her husband Narayan, is employed in Stone & Webster as a Project Administrator. Gayathri has an adorable mother who even at the age of 64 does things that a 16 year old would normally shirk from and say ? it?s difficult, paucity of time.

The spunk and determination is truly inspiring. Read on:

Here is a true and inspirational story of a woman who is 64 years of age. This little tale, I am sure will encourage everyone and lead all to believe that there is no age limit for learning. She is none other than my dearest mother. As her daughter, I feel proud to introduce her to all of you on

My mom takes care of my place back home in Bangalore. She runs my house, deals with the tenants and pays all my bills besides conducting all other transactions on my behalf. Apart from this, she is also a member of the Bhajana Mandali in our favourite temple and an active member of the Ladies Samaja in Basavanagudi; in which she has won many accolades in almost all competitions held till date.

Sometime back, she along with her aunt and other friends, who all are senior citizens, went on a trip to Bhubaneshwar, Orissa which was organized by the Samaja in March 2008. The group decided to venture into the river ‘Mahanadi’ for boating. When they had nearly reached the middle of the river, suddenly the boat came to a halt due to a mechanical failure and the entire group was caught in the middle of the river for couple of hours until help arrived.



Her aunt, Chudamani said – "Girija, you are an expert in everything except swimming; if at all you knew swimming, all of us could have reached the shore safely by now". Girija at the time also recalled her doctor saying that swimming was one among the best of exercises for Osteoporosis and this inspired her to take up a new challenge – swimming.

After reaching Bangalore, my mom joined swimming classes in Basavanagudi, where her brother Satish worked as a Manager. Though mom’s new adventure got me worried; remember, she was 64 and swimming could be extremely tiring & demanding for a person of her age, I had confidence in my mom. I knew that if she made up her mind she would not look back. Lo – she lived up to our expectations – all thanks to her brother Satish who kept vigil on her while she was in the pool.

Sometime in Aug 2008, she called me and said that her swimming buddies were cajoling her to take part in a swimming competition. I was thrilled to note her enthusiasm and confidence for the same and encouraged her. I told her to take it easy and swim towards the wall if at all she felt tired. My concern was her age as it definitely takes a toll to participate and work hard to gear up for any competition. But since I didn’t want to dampen her spirits, I didn’t stop her.

Amazingly, I am proud to say that my mom won 2 Silver Medals at the state level competition! She bagged silver medals in the 50 metre breast stroke and 50 metre free style State Masters Aquatic Championship 2008 competitions organized by Karnataka Swimming Association held on 23 and 24 August 2008.

We are extremely buoyant of her accomplishments! And she is all of 64! Bravo mom, way to go!

Author: Gayathri Narayan- UAE

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