Girls molested, videos uploaded on internet

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Girls molested, videos uploaded on internet

Around half a dozen young men molested two girls on a road in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district, about 325km from here.

It came to light after a video of the incident went viral on social networking sites. In the video, the two girls are seen trying to protect themselves from the molesters, who are seen laughing and indulging in indecent acts.

One of the men is seen dragging a girl, touching her inappropriately and forcibly pulling her on to his lap, even as the girl is trying to desperately free herself.

The culprits also snatched the dupattas of the victims and used it to encircle them, squeezing the girls together.

As the girls cry for help and plead with them to let them go, a man is heard telling the others to record the molestation and upload it on social networking sites.

The footage also shows a man forcibly holding a girl by her arms and asking his friends to record the act.

Though it is not clear from the footage where the incident took place, sources said it occurred in the Tanda area in the district a few days ago.

The police have registered a case against 14 people in this connection, and arrested two of the culprits. “We are trying to identify the other culprits. Stern action will be taken against them,” said Rampur Superintendent of Police Vipin Tada on Sunday.

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  1. These idiots need to be locked up and given some VIP treatment at local police station. It should teach them nice lessons. On a different note, I found the following debate on recent Manchester incident on an Australian TV. When will our Indian media grow some spine and allow such open discussion on terrorism?

  2. “…and arrested two of the culprits” – Report

    If you are wondering why the names of those arrested are conveniently left out in the report, here is why – As per UP police, the four arrested individuals are – Shahnawaz , Saddam, Danish and Farman.

    I truly hope that new (low) standards of journalism don’t find truth to be defamatory and inflammatory!!

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