‘Good Samaritan’ Telson Noronha, an Ola Driver Offers FREE Ride to Seniors & Pregnant Women

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‘Good Samaritan’ Telson Noronha, an Ola Driver Offers FREE Ride to Seniors & Pregnant Women

  • Ola Cab driver Good Samaritan Telson Francis Noronha of Angelore/Padil, {age 31} Offers FREE Rides Seniors & Pregnant Women during late night and wee hours within 20 kms city limits

Mangaluru: Recently we have been readings news about Ola drivers for not so good reasons, but this humanitarian service by one of the Mangaluru City Ola Drivers, will surely put a smile on the Board Directors/Management of Ola and make them feel pride, knowing that one of their crew members is doing a yeomen service in giving FREE service to seniors and pregnant women, late at night and during the wee hours, when no other cab or auto-rickshaw drivers come forward. Meet 31-year-old Telson Francis Noronha, hailing from Angelore/Padil, who has become a Good Samaritan in offering this Free service, after he had purchased a brand new 2108 Maruti Dezire.

Last year, there was yet another Good Samaritan, an Ola driver by the name of Sunil K from Moodushedde, who also offered free service to ill people in memory of his mother who passed away due to illness in the same year. Even though Sunil has been doing this yeomen service for many months, it was only when his community service was brought to light when a citizen of Mangaluru posted his free service to ill people on facebook. Having come to know about Telson’s community service through a publication in media, I called him up this morning, and asked if he was FREE for few minutes to do a personal interview, for which he replied, “My wife is three months pregnant, and I am taking her to the hospital for a medical check, and only after that I am FREE”. In order to pull his legs, I asked him, “Are you charging Her or is sit a FREE service?”. With loud laughs, he replied, “Sir, she’s my wife, how can I charge-absolutely FREE service!”. That was nice to start a day on the lighter side of vein with Telson. So, at around 12 noon, we both met in the Milagres Church parking lot and had an interaction for quite a long time.

Born to Ronald Noronha, a auto-rickshaw driver, and Hazel Noronha, a house maker, Telson had done his schooling at Capitanio High School-Mangaluru, and after finishing his PUC at Padua College-Mangaluru, worked in Mangaluru for a while, till he got a job in Abu Dhabi as a Technician Support for a telecommunication firm in 2012. Having worked there until 2017, he returned back to his hometown that year, since his company started laying off employees due to the recession. He is one among the two children, his elder sister, Monica Diana, a nurse at KMC Manipal is married to Ivan Castelino, employed in Gulf. Returning back to Mangaluru, for nine months he operated a used Indica car as a rental car. But in March 2018, he bought a brand new Maruti Suzuki Dezire car, from the financial support of Rs 3 lakhs as a government subsidy, and the balance amount of the car purchase on the bank loan, which he has been paying monthly installments.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Telson said, “I always wanted to give back to my community, and finally my dreams have come true. Even though I start my cab service as early as 4.30 am in the morning, take a small break for lunch, and then continue to work rest of the day and also wee hours. My free service got highlighted in the social media when a customer named Ashwin Martis had rented my car to take his granny to the hospital. He had booked my car through Ola online, but when I refused to take the money for the service, Ashwin was surprised, for which I explained to him of my kind gesture to seniors and pregnant women by offering free rides in my taxi. In Mangaluru you should know that after late night not many drivers want to do business, and if they did they rip off their clients with exorbitant prices. And to all those seniors and pregnant women, when you find hard to get a cab when you need it, my FREE service is just a call away, and I will be at your service with a smile and courtesy”.

Ever since Telson started this FREE service, he has provided this offer to nearly ten seniors and four pregnant women, including his ‘WIFE’ this morning? When asked as to how he developed this kind gesture and courteousness to seniors and others, he said, “I think it was God’s wish that one day this idea suddenly came to my mind from nowhere. And I immediately made up my mind to say Yes to God and went forward with this free service. Many seniors pressure me to accept money, but I refuse. Only their appreciation and kind words will satisfy me, after all, we can’t take all the money with us when we die- so we rather share our wealth with others when they need help, when we are still alive on this Earth, thereby please the Almighty”.

In today’s day and age when some greedy cab or auto-rickshaw drivers start conversation with “Rupees 200 minimum fare” or “Double Meter Fare”, or cab drivers intentionally cancel bookings since they are reluctant to go to certain destination, Telson Francis Noronha should be considered as a Gem and a Good Samaritan, when someone needs a ride, may it be during regular hours or late hours-you can count on Telson, a 24X7 Ola Cab Driver, who is all set to make a difference, and also bring a change in the attitude of other taxi or auto-rickshaw drivers.

Telson who is married to Flavia Maria, aged 28, a Post Graduate, and since the couple is expecting their first child in few months, Team Mangalorean wishes them all success, a happy married life, and God’s blessing on their family. Mangaluru needs Good Samaritans like Telson, and not greedy drivers, whose main intention is to swindle money out of innocent passengers when they have no other option. Let’s all compliment and pray for Telson for his generous service to the society.

So when you need Telson’s service during Medical Emergencies, Free Rides for Seniors and Pregnant Women the SOS number to call is: 9731922702

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  1. God will surely bless Telson Noronha a hundredfold for his love and selfless service for the needy, seniors, and women in labour for a late night or early morning ride to the hospital.

    India is largely an unregulated country, so ripping off is the norm, from a rick or cab driver to a Plumber to the people in authority.

  2. Well done and Thank You Nelson. May God Bless you and your Family abundantly today and everyday for your most noble thoughts, most genuine care, concern and service.

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