Got Swachh Mouth! ‘Dentofest’ – a Dental Exhibition at ‘Dental Awareness Week’ hosted by MCODS Launched

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Got Swachh Mouth! ‘Dentofest’ – a Dental Exhibition at ‘Dental Awareness Week’ hosted by MCODS Launched

Practice Swachh Mouth! ‘Dentofest’ – a Dental Exhibition at ‘Dental Awareness Week’ hosted by Manipal College Of Dental Sciences (MCODS) Launched on 24 January, until 28 January at Lecture Hall 1, MCODS-Attavar, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Just like PM Narendra Modi had launched the “Swachh Bharath” campaign to keep India Clean, in the meantime locally, Manipal College of Dental Sciences have their own version of Swachh campaign named “Swachh Mouth”, to keep your mouth and teeth clean, and also Mouth being the Gateway to your Health. The adage, “you are what you eat,” finds support in every health system throughout the world. Not everyone considers how important a role the human mouth plays within our digestive health framework. The mouth is not just a space for chewing, it is truly a gateway and starting point for our overall health. Proper dental hygiene has powerful ramifications in regards to not just our oral and digestive health, but can also impact our cardiovascular health, cognitive abilities, and much more.

“Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”- As part of our digestive system, our mouths are home to millions of microbes, which, when in balance, support digestion of our food, helping us to get the most out of our diet and maintain strong immune system functioning. However, when bacteria levels rise to unhealthy levels, or when damaging colonies of bacteria take over the natural flora of the mouth, conditions of periodontitis (severe gum disease) can more easily arise, leading to many other complications throughout the organ systems of the body”- and this piece of important information was given by Dr Dilip Nayak- the Dean of MCODS, during the inauguration of “Dentofest”. The main purpose of this program was to promote the Oral Health by creating awareness about oral hygiene maintenance and preventing oral diseases. Good oral health is the mirror reflection of individual’s systematic well being. This exhibition includes, a complete tour on oral health”

The programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song rendered by the dental students, followed by welcome address by the Dean, Dr Dilip Nayak, who kept the audience on the lighter side of the vein through his witty punchlines. The “Dentofest” was inaugurated by lighting the traditional lamp by chief guest, Dr Poornima Baliga-Pro Vice chancellor-Faculty of Health sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher education (MAHE), along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- guests of honor Dr Shivasharan Shetty- Member of DCI and President of IDA, DK Branch, & Dr V Surendra Shetty-Pro Vice Chancellor-MAHE; also joined by Dr Dilip Nayak and Dr Kundabala M-Chairperson/Patient Care Committee, MCODS-Mangaluru.

Addressing the gathering Dr Shivsharan said, “Even though there are many awareness programmes pertaining to Dental Care, but events like this Fest/exhibition will help people to learn more about dental care. These days dentistry profession has become more challenging, and with the government introducing the KPME Act, it has made the life of dentists more miserable, and put them in hardship. We need to fight against this Act, and show our integrity to get justice. Even though the number of dentists is rising, but still there is huge lack of awareness. Regarding the controversy on securing Dental Trade Licence is yet another headache for dentists. In spite of all these hurdles, dental is a very good profession in medical field, and dentists should be proud of their status”

Dr Surendra Shetty speaking during the occasion said, “It’s always a pleasure to come back to my college where I did and practiced my dentistry. This Dentofest is indeed a good initiative planned by the organizing committee to highlight and bring awareness on dental care and dental related diseases. Dentistry has expanded enormously, that what we learned 50 years ago are kind of out dated, which is now taken over by new technology and new ideas. Information on dental care is available with a click of a button on Internet. These days people ask more questions when they visit their dentist, which we didn’t find decades ago. Growth of dentistry is tremendous, with many new technology introduced. Patients these days are quite knowledgeable on dental care than their dentist-thanks to the Internet! This exhibition will be of great benefit for the citizens to know more about dental, care and hygiene”

Chief guest Dr Poornima Baliga addressing the audience said, ” Mangaluru and KMC has always in my heart, no matter where I go. I always look forward for a chance to come down to Mangaluru, and today being here I am really overwhelmed on the kind gesture and hospitality shown by MCODS staff and students. my Janmabhoomi has always been Mangaluru. I the present world you need to show how different are you from others in your talents and profession. Academic programmes with social impact should be implemented. Children these days are so active and knowledgeable on dental,care since they browse through Internet, and also watch Dental ads on TV,a s to how to keep the teeth clean. Like Dr Dilip Nayak said that Mouth is the Gateway to good health, that’s true, and so we should take proper care of our mouth and teeth. And we can do more when more questions are asked, and a platform like this Dentofest will go a long way in this regard”.

With exchange of mementos to the dignitaries, the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Kundabala M, while the programme was professionally compered by Dr Nanditha Shenoy- Associate Professor in Dental Sciences, MCODS. Also in this regard a competition is organized for undergraduate dental students on various aspects of dental well being which was held on 24 Jan; and a drawing contest for little kids and college students will be held on 27 Jan on the theme “Swachh Bharath” to manifest their thoughts on clean mouth. Free dental checkup with basic dental treatment will be made available for general public. This service will be continued for 3 more months.

Team Mangalorean would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Dr Dilip Nayak-the Dean of MCODS for recognizing the contribution made by, where “yours truly” of was presented with a bouquet of flowers during welcome address. Not many show this kind of gesture towards media personnel at their respective events, but what Dr Dilip did is very much appreciated and cherished by all of us. Thank you Dr Nayak, your kind thoughts/gesture meant a lot to us at Team Mangalorean!

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