Hanu-Man: Teja Sajja’s Next Movie Shows him as a Superhero

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Hanu-Man: Teja Sajja’s Next Movie Shows him as a Superhero

Teja Sajja is primarily known for his work in the Telugu film industry, where he has worked with actors like Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Chiranjeevi, N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Venkatesh, and many more. Teja Sajja began his career as a child actor in 1998. This Chiranjeevi film helped him get his role in a 2006 movie. He first appeared as an adult actor in 2019, where he played a supporting character. Subsequently, Sajja went on to be part of some remarkable Hollywood and Kollywood movies, alongwith Telugu movies. 

As of 2024, his next feature film is Hanu-Man with Prasanth Varma.

The Unintentional OTT Delay

The movie Hanu-Man was first announced to be released on OTT platforms on Maha Shivratri, that is, March 8th. However, the delay in the OTT release of the movie left fans disappointed. The director Prasanth Varma took to X to clarify about the delay. He claimed that the delayed release of his latest movie ‘was not intentional!’. He also wrote that his team was working tirelessly to release the movie ASAP. Soon after his clarification, ZEE5 also announced the launch of the movie as of March 17, on the ZEE5 OTT platform. The official X handle of the platform declared that the movie will soon be available in Telugu language with English subtitles.

Team Hanu-Man and the Meeting with Amit Shah

Teja Sajja’s new superhero movie from the Prasanth Varma cinematic universe has also caught the attention of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The minister recently met with the team that worked on the movie and praised their hard work through a post on X. He also added some pictures from the meeting in the post with his views on the newly released film. He wrote that the movie does a ‘commendable job of showcasing Bharat’s spiritual traditions’. Further, he extended his best wishes for the future projects of the team.

Hanu-Man Synopsis

This Telugu superhero blockbuster has its main focus on the character named Hanumanthu. He is a young man who finds a totem which gives him superpowers, similar to those of Lord Hanuman. The story of the movie after this point shows how he uses his newfound powers. He uses them to stand up to fight evil in his village. He has the help of his lover and his sister in this journey. You can catch Teja Sajja in Hanu-Man on ZEE5.

Jai Hanuman: The Sequel

The movie Hanu-Man came out in January of 2024. In the same month, the director announced that the shooting for its sequel had already started. On the occasion of Ayodhya Ram Mandir’s Pran Pratishtha ceremony, he revealed the sequel name Jai Hanuman. 

As for the plot, the lead actor explained in a recent interview that Jai Hanuman will focus on the god. He elaborated that Hanu-Man ends with the promise that Lord HanuMan made to Shree Ram. So, the sequel will pick up from the same point with the god as the main character. 

He also clarified the difference between his part and the role of the deity in the sequel, that is Hanu-Man and Hanuman. There have also been reports in the media that claim that the actor Ram Charan has auditioned to play Shree Ram in Jai Hanuman.

A Record-Breaking Opening

In his recent interviews, Teja Sajja has also shared that his latest is a hit in Telugu theatres from the very start. He revealed that it had a record-breaking 900 premieres. A 6 o’clock show of the superhero movie on a working day had all shows full. He said that this was his first time in Tollywood. This superhero movie, Hanu-Man, has made this past week quite an eventful one for the Indian film industry. This is because it crossed the Rs 100 crore mark all around the world. Not only this, it has also received positive reviews for the philanthropic efforts it had towards the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 

Production Constraints and Risky Stunts

The lead of Hanu-Man has also talked about the production constraints in the making of the movie. Due to this, he had to do all the stunts himself, as there were no stunt doubles. He also elaborated on the deep worry that he had while filming. Teja said that the stunts they were doing were very risky. The cast and crew also did not have any head replacement shots. This fear was also shared by Prasanth Varma. He has also said that he was scared for the actors’ lives during the shooting. The director of Hanu-Man also revealed that many accidents thankfully did not end badly.

Teja Sajja is also a Shah Rukh Khan Fan

Teja Sajja has recently revealed that he is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He also said that while most other people are fans of his old romantic films, the Hanu-Man lead prefers King Khan’s new-age movies. 

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