Happy Thanksgiving

""Name:  Crystal Rodrigues
Father’s Name:  Sal Rodrigues
Mother’s Name:  Florine Rodrigues
Native Place:  Belle, Udupi
School: Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois
Hi, my name is Crystal.  I’m a grade 8 student at Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois.  I love music, reading, swimming and spending time with friends.  I sing in the Honor Chorus and play violin in my school orchestra.



A long time ago on a bountiful land,
Two very different groups lived there in command,
One group was called the Native Americans, who knew how to grow crops,
And the other group was the Pilgrims, who came from England to have religious freedom,
The first winter on this land, most of the Pilgrims died,
So the Native Americans decided to be their guide,
They taught them how to grow corn,
And then with the Native American?s help new skills were born,
They learned how to catch eels and hunt,
And then friendship seemed to come upfront,
The next winter hardly anybody died from the frigid wintry weather,
They decided to celebrate together,
On the alliances that they made,
And the lives that they saved,
And on this day these two groups decided to celebrate in delight,
We now call Thanksgiving with much excite.

Relatives come over to share variety of food,
Turkeys, mashed potatoes, and all types of things that are stewed,
As you gather around the table with family all around,
You will be very profound,
And so happy to be with your kin,
The whole scene will make you grin,
The whole point of Thanksgiving is not just eating,
It is about being Thankful for what you have,
Your family, your house and all the people you adore,
All together in one special place,
To sit down together, as one big family and to say Grace