Hemanath Shetty Stands by His Statement on Poojary

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Puttur: Immediate past president of block Congress Kavu Hemanath Shetty has said that he still stood by the statement he had made about senior leader B Janardhana Poojary’s utterances against his own partymen.

Addressing a media meet here on Monday, he said that Poojary had been creating confusion and misunderstanding among the party workers by issuing such statements.


Demanding that such things should be stopped, he asserted that he had opposed Poojary’s outburst only as a loyal party worker. There was no personal conflict in it.

He added that he had expressed his opinion about Poojary’s conduct after weighing the issue properly. He made it clear that he was not a senior person to speak ill of Poojary.

But he argued that it was improper on Poojary’s part to frequently criticize his own party’s chief minister and other ministers, that too sitting right in the district office.

Referring to some partymen’s response that he (Shetty) used to wait in the line outside Poojary’s house to meet him in the past, he said that he had never seen Poojary’s house until date.

Similarly, there had been accusations against him that he had ensured the defeat party candidates Sankappa Rai, Vinayakumar Sorake, Sudhakar Shetty, Bondala Jagannath Shetty and Shakuntala Shetty in the earlier elections, he challenged those levelling the charges to provide proof.

In particular, when Sankappa Rai contested, Hemanath Shetty was only 15 years old. How could anyone believe such accusations, he asked.

In conclusion, he said that rules on discipline should apply equally to anyone. If at all he had spoken against Poojary, it was only to uphold the values that the party stood for.

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