High-tech Theft in Lady Hill Victoria School – CCTV Set, Monitor Taken Away

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Mangaluru: Thieves too appear to be techno-savvy now. Besides mobiles and electronic gadgets, they have now set their eyes on surveillance equipment.

It has been observed in many recent cases of theft that the very first thing thieves is disconnect or destroy the CCTV network.


In the past, covering the camera to block the footage used to be one of the practices.

Miscreants broke into the Victoria Girls’ School at Lady Hill on the night of Wednesday. The school had been locked in the evening.

When the staff arrived to open the school on Thursday morning, many items were found missing.

Prominent among the stolen items were the CCTV camera fitted at the HM’s office, recorder and the LG TV monitor.

Details of other stolen items were yet to be ascertained when the last report came. It is intriquing as to why the thieves targeted only the CCTV equipment.

The Urwa police are investigating the case.

by special correspondent

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