Hindalga jail staff undergo training for hanging of rapist-killer Umesh

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Hindalga jail staff undergo training for hanging of rapist-killer Umesh Reddy

Belagavi(IE): As rapist-killer Umesh Reddy’s review mercy petition was rejected by the Supreme Court, Hindalga jail officials have begun imparting training to its staff on hanging the convict. The last execution was carried out in the jail 33 years ago.

The authorities have selected seven jail staffers who have been working for over five years to undergo the training and later, one would be picked to hang Umesh Reddy.

For the past five days, these seven staff members’ evening duties include an hour of practicing hanging with heavy gunny bags and it would continue till Reddy’s hanging.

Keeping in mind his weight, these gunny bags are filled with sand and weigh between 50 and 75 kg. It is not just the physical training aspects of the staff that the jail authorities are concerned about.

Most often, people who hang convicts suffer from mental trauma after performing their duty. Hence, jail authorities say they are also preparing their staff mentally for this particular job.

They added only after thorough training and assessment, they will select one among the seven for hanging. Meanwhile, 10 senior jailers from Dharwad, Badami,Vijayapura and Koppal prisons were deputed on special duty to watch Reddy’s activities. Reddy has been lodged in a highly secured cell in the prison since the day he was sentenced to capital punishment.

It’s the wish of God, says Umesh Reddy

Belagavi: Convicted of rape and murder, Umesh Reddy showed no remorse when the jail authorities showed him a copy of the Supreme Court’s rejection of his review mercy petition. Instead, he replied, ‘All according to the wish of God.’

Reddy’s petition was rejected about 15 days ago but the jail authorities had not received the official hard copy until Saturday.

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