Hindu Community Targeted in Kallakda Incident – Prabhakar Bhat

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Hindu Community Targeted in Kallakda Incident – Prabhakar Bhat

Mangaluru:  “In Kalladka very few Hindus reside. On May 26, Mohammed Hasir was going to Puttur on his bike through the bypass road and he was attacked by a group of 7 to 8 Muslim youth. At that time Mithun and his friends who were going by car saw Hasir injured with stab wounds and admitted him to the hospital. Mithun and his friends did not attack Hasir but the case has been twisted as communal”, said the RSS leader Dr Prabhakar Bhat in a press meet held at Hotel Janatha Delux here on May 28.

Addressing the mediapersons Dr Prabhakar Bhat said, “In Kalladka majority are Muslims. On May 27, Muslims closed down all the shops which is not right. Our district minister in-charge is supporting the Muslims and the Police are also with him, they are not registering cases against the Muslims. In Kalladka it is very difficult for Hindus to lead a safe life. The Hindu community has been targetted in Kalladka. The police have registered cases against Mithun and his friends when they have not been involved in this crime. We have never targetted any Muslims but Muslims are targeting the Hindus. Discrimination on Hindu community should be stopped”.

Dr Prabhakar Bhat further said, “On May 27, the Bundh was against the rights of the people. Political leaders are provoking these incidents. Our SP is not capable of handling the situation. Under the direction of the Minister-in-charge, the SP has imposed section 144 in Kalladka. The SP should be changed because he is incapable of handling such situations in the district. The Police should investigate the case properly and file cases against those who are involved in the assault. If they want to know the reality let them check the CCTV footage”.

Dr Prabhakar Bhat also said, “In DK if any incident occurs between Hindus and Muslims it is looked in a communal angle. This incident is not communal. Hindus are not involved in the attack of Hasir. In Kalladka Hindus are only 40% and it is very difficult for them to lead a safe life. The district minister should not support his Muslim voters. DK is a city of intellectuals and we should put an end to so-called “communal fights”. We Hindus do not act but only react, so far we did not get the opportunity to react. Moreover, we do not incite, when we are attacked we have to react. If someone attacks us then we have to defend. If our youth commit any crime punish them but do not do injustice with the Hindus”.

On May 27, all the shops were closed but the District minister in-charge did not come to the spot, he advised the SP to impose section 144. We need a bold and transparent SP to our district. Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar is a bold and able leader. We need such police officers who are transparent. I request the Chief Minister to appoint a transparent and bold police officer to the district.”

BJP District former president Padmanabha Kottari, Sharan Pumpwell, Srikar Prabhu, Bharat Kumdelu, Chengappa Kotian and others were also present.

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  1. I smell rat here. Let police do their job. Kalladka Bhat needs to stop turning this into a communal issue. Physical assault and violence are wrong. If Hindus are living in fear, why did he have to wait for this incident to call a press meet?

  2. “Have you tried Listerine?” – Observer
    Is it what your foreign masters made you drink when you complained about smell? LOL

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