Hoax Bomb Threat Call to MIA, Accused Arrested

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Hoax Bomb Threat Call to MIA, Accused from Karkala Arrested

Mangaluru: The CCB police have arrested the accused in connection with the Hoax bomb threat call to Mangaluru International Airport on August 19.

The arrested has been identified as Vasanth Sherigar (33) from Thundugudde, Karkala.

According to sources, Vasanth is working in a hotel. On August 19, he called the former Airport Director Vasudeva and threatened of planting a bomb in the airport. Vasudeva immediately informed the airport authorities about the call. The airport authorities informed the Bajpe police and also checked the entire airport.

The Bajpe police immediately got into action and arrested Vasanth from Mudradi, Karkala.

The CCB police carried out the operation along with the Bajpe and Hebri Police.

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