How do progressive slots work?

How do progressive slots work?

Betting in all its forms is an exciting way to relax and earn big money. Betting on sports, as well as playing games on casinos has been revolutionised with the advent of online platforms that support such games. There are over 500 different online slots machines for you to try, and much more, in the world of online gambling.

Progressive slots offer an exciting environment to win big and easy money without a lot of investment. The winnings tend to get massively inflated over time and are surely things to watch out for, in a bid to have fun and earn.

Types of Jackpot Games:

Mainly there are 4 major types of jackpots you will come across in online game time. Each type differs in the amount and frequency of pay-out. The 4 types are:

1) Local Jackpots:
Local jackpots, as the name suggests, extend merely to the casino in which you play, in terms of both bets and winnings, and do not include other casinos. Thus, bets are cast only by people playing at that casino, and winnings come from these local bets alone. Thus, while the number of players implies that winning probabilities are more for you in particular, as the money bet is less, the money to be won is also pretty less.

2) Network Jackpots:
Often Jackpot games exist across several casinos and are played with players and their money across all these casinos. With more players fighting it out, winning is difficult, but with a large amount of money going in as wager, the winnings are enormous. This is the game you should technically be aiming at if you want to stand a chance to win a large amount.

3) Fixed Jackpots:
There is a fixed amount of cash that the winning player can take home, irrespective of the number and kind of bets other players have placed. While the winnings are potentially not that large, these games are safer in their outcomes than progressive jackpots.

4) Progressive Jackpots:
Unlike fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots keep growing every time players bet new money on it. Thus, every new wager seeks to increase the amount that can be won, and this continues till the bubble bursts and one winner is finally announced. Moreover, since these jackpots are so popular and intense, more players tend to bet on these, amounting to even higher sums for the final payout. The payouts though are extremely infrequent, since the jackpot needs time to grow and mature into one big sum of money that can be won. Thus there is a compromise between the sum of money to be won and the frequency with which it can be won. Moreover, due to several multitudes of players investing in it, progressive jackpots are also rather difficult to win.

What does Math say?
Progressive slots, like any other game of chance, is based on probabilities. The probability of a win is found by calculating the total number of winning combinations and the total number of combinations possible and dividing these two numbers. The probability thus obtained is usually very low, implying that the jackpot is rather difficult to win, and rarely do people win it. While the Math may not be particularly encouraging, some simple tips and tricks can go a long way in helping you win a progressive slot.

Strategies to win Jackpots:
● Stay within your limits: Have a net sum of money that you want to bet, beyond which you will never tread, no matter what your instincts or impulses tell you.
● Keep checking on the bubble: Progressive slots are won based on striking when the iron is hot and hitting it at the right time. Keeping an eye on the bubble and hitting it at the perfect time goes a long way in guaranteeing a win.
● Bonuses: Several online casinos make room for bonus spins, offers to increase your chances, rewards etc. to retain their players.

Events post-winning:
Winning is rare but once it happens, there’s nothing better. You can expect some delay when the casino verifies how legitimate your winnings are when they check for any hackers or cheaters. They may also verify your credentials and cross-check for funds. Following this, you can expect a call of congratulations from the casino and some requests for publicity. Money transfer isn’t immediate and happens over the course of a few weeks or even months, depending on the casino, but it will arrive. The way money is transferred and the amount of time taken can be bargained, and you should press hard for the money coming in as soon as possible. Connecting a safe bank account helps. Keep a track of all the money that is incoming, and once the entire amount has arrived, go for a holiday cruise to Hawaii.

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