Humanity service of Mother Teresa should reach the society: Vinay Kumar Sorake

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Humanity service of Mother Teresa should reach the society: Vinay Kumar Sorake

Udupi: The installation and blessing of the statue of St Teresa of Kolkata (Mother Teresa) was held at the premises of Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Pamboor, Padubelle on Monday, 15 August 2016.

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Fr Stany Tauro, Parish priest of Our Lady of Health Church, Shirva and Vicar Forane of Shirva Varado blessed and dedicated the pedestal and the statue of Mother Teresa to the Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre.

Fr Stany Tauro presided over the felicitation function that followed soon after the blessing and installation of the statue of Mother Teresa.

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Vinay Kumar Sorake MLA of Kaup, the chief guest of the function in his message said that he is very happy on being associated with the progress of the Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre. He recalled the financial help, though comparatively small, that he could render as the Member of the Parliament (MP) from the MP Development Fund when the institute was started way back in 1997.

Speaking about Mother Teresa, Vinay Kumar Sorake said that because of the dedicated service of Mother Teresa towards the old and sick, the attention of the world has been drawn towards India and she was rightly honoured by awarding her the Nobel Peace Prize. In the present scenario of intolerance and hatred, the message of selfless service to humanity by Mother Teresa should reach the society far and wide. Sorake also mentioned about the proclamation and dedication of St Lawrence Minor Basilica at Attur-Karkala and said that it is the symbol of contribution of the Christian community in various fields. He appreciated the gesture of Mohammed Kizar Sheik Goodu and Cyril Noronha in sponsoring the statue of Mother Teresa to Manasa and pointed out that it is the best example of communal harmony and good will.

Veronica Cornelio president of KSDL in her address said that the felicitation function is a heart touching event. Mother Teresa had been a spiritual and moral guide to the society and her example should remind one and all about their respective responsibilities towards other fellow human beings.

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In his presidential address, Fr Stany Tauro applauded Mohammed Kizar Sheik Goodu and Cyril Noronha for their generosity in sponsoring the statue of Mother Teresa. He also appreciated the Catholic Sabha of undivided Mangalore Diocese for conceptualizing and implementing such a project nearly 40 years ago and establishing Manasa Rehabilitation and Training Centre at Pamboor and running it successfully in spite of many difficulties. Fr Tauro thanked Vinay Kumar Sorake for his support and goodwill towards the institution.

Gracy Gosalves – Deputy Director of Women and Children Welfare Department, Manipal, Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves-Spiritual Director, Catholic Sabha, Udupi Pradesh, Fr Mahesh D’Souza-Principal of Don Bosco High School, Shirva, Mohammed Kizar Sheik Goodu and Cyril Noronha-Sponsors of the statue of Mother Teresa. Other dignitaries on the dais included Valerian Fernandes-President of Catholic Sabha, Udupi Pradesh, Anil Lobo Fermai-President of Catholic Sabha, Mangalore Pradesh and Trustees of Manasa including Dr. Thomas Quadros. Besides the administrators of Manasa- Henry Menezes (President), Irwin D’Souza (Secretary), Elroy Kiran Crasto (Treasurer0, Sr Ancilla Fernandes (Principal) and Joseph Noronha (Administrator) were also on the dais.

Fr. Ferdinand Gonslaves Spiritual director Catholic Sabha welcomed the gathering, Dr. Thomas Quadros, one of the Trustees of Manasa proposed the vote of thanks. Alwyn Danthi compred the programme.

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