Hurt by Incidents in my Constituency the ‘Chappal’ Remark was Spontaneous – U T Khader

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Hurt by Incidents in my constituency the “Chappal” remark was Spontaneous – U T Khader

Mangaluru: “There have been incidents of communal violence from time to time in my own constituency because of some anti-social elements who are against the peace in my constituency. The CPI(M) had organized a communal harmony rally in Mangaluru in which the Chief minister of Kerala was the main speaker. But the Sangh Parivar intentionally called for a bandh. Ullal is a fast developing constituency and some anti-social elements are against it. Being hurt by incidents in my constituency, the “Chappal” remark was spontaneous and my intention was not to hurt anyone”, said the minister for food and civil supplies U T Khader in a press meet held at the Circuit house here on February 28.

Responding to the queries of journalists over the Chappal remark, Khader said, “My intention was not to hurt or harm any religion or organization. I had clearly said that when the Pakistani Prime Minister came to India no one protested but when the CM of Kerala came to our city, they went against the constitution. Calling for a bandh against the CM of Kerala which is anti-constitutional. Everyone has the right to protest but setting fire to the offices, pelting stones at buses or calling for a bandh is against the constitution. I was deeply pained by the acts of some anti-social elements and my remark against them was Spontaneous.”

The statement of “Setting the district on fire”, and the chappal issue are different because I had said it only to those who do not respect the constitution. I do not support the CPI(M), but when the chief minister of another state is coming to our district it is our duty to provide full security. My close friends, senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary, and even my daughter have reacted and said, the “Chappal” remark should not have come from me. I know, it was my mistake and it will not happen again”.

When asked why there is continuous communal violence in Ullal, Khader said, “People come and pelt stones in my constituency, they set fire to houses and shops without any reason, some anti-social elements are trying to bring a bad name to my constituency. I am hurt by the acts of anti-social elements. No one has the right to stop anyone from coming to our district. Pinarayi is the CM of Kerala and he has the right to visit other districts or states. It is the duty of the district administration to provide him with full security. People are giving me many certificates. I have a lot of work to do, let them keep passing comments on me. I do not need certificates from such people. I also know how Srinivas Poojary was performing when he was in power. I am very happy to know that there are many persons who are very much concerned and speak a lot about me. Communal harmony is the main principle of the Congress party, we unite people in the society and do not divide them”.

Answering the question of Poojary’s comment on him, Khader said, “Janardhan Poojary is my mentor and I respect him a lot. Poojary has a special concern and regards towards me, so he has commented on my chappal remark. My intention was not to hurt anyone”, clarified Khader.

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