‘I am not Like BJP Leaders Who Target Hindus Only for Votes’ – Muthalik


We Don’t Need Western Culture, Don’t Support Valentine’s Day –

Udupi: “We are working to preserve our culture. We do not need outside culture like Valentine’s Day in our Country”, said Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik to the mediapersons in Udupi on February 10.


Speaking to the mediapersons Pramod Muthalik said, “We will not take the law in our hands but will join hands with the police department to stop celebrating the Valentine’s Day. We will create awareness through the Durga Sene by visiting schools, colleges and hotels and create awareness against celebrating Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is aimed at ruining our culture. We are hopeful that colleges and schools will support us in the interest of the children who get blindly carried away by such celebrations. Meantime, we will also appeal to the district administrations not to give permission to celebrate Valentine’s Day in public places”, he said.

Speaking about the state politics Muthalik said, “Today all parties in Karnataka have lost morality. People should ban all three parties. Politicians are busy with releasing Audio and Videos and have forgotten to work for the welfare of the people. Today, when one politician releases the Audio another, will release the Video. If there is any truth in these Audio video politics why are they not going to the Court for Justice”? he questioned.

The BJP is getting votes in the name of Hindus but they are misusing Hindus. “I am a fighter and I fight for the cause of Hindus. I am seen as a Hindu leader. I am not like the leaders of BJP because they do not fight in favour of Hindus, but use Hindus to gain votes”, he said.