I am the daughter of a martyr, says Priyanka in Rajasthan, recalling her father Rajiv and grandmother Indira

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I am the daughter of a martyr, says Priyanka in Rajasthan, recalling her father Rajiv and grandmother Indira
Jaipur: In a bid to connect with the masses, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday introduced herself as the daughter and granddaughter of martyrs in her party’s election rally in Ardawata, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan.

Addressing the people in Jhunjhunu, many of whom have a Defence background, Priyanka spoke about her late grandmother Indira Gandhi and her late father Rajiv Gandhi, and referred to their martyrdom. She said, “My grandmother used to say whenever you are confused, you should go to the public, which will guide you.”

“I am also a martyr’s daughter. I am the granddaughter of a martyr. I know the value of sacrifice given for the country,” Priyanka added.

She said, “If the Congress government comes to power again, the woman head of every family in Rajasthan will be given Rs 10,000 every year. It will be given in two or three installments. Also, LPG cylinders will be given to 1.05 crore families at a price of Rs 500 each. Currently, 76 lakh families are getting cylinders at Rs 500.”

Priyanka also attacked the BJP government at the Centre and said that it had no vision and had been unable to generate employment. “Public sector companies used to generate employment, but this government sold them to its big industrialist friends. If we had given it to all the industrialists, there would have been no problem, it would have increased employment, but this government gave it to a few, selected people. They were also going to hand over farming to their friends,” she commented.

Priyanka also raised a demand to hold debates on a single platform. “All sides should debate on one platform. When elections come, leaders come and give speeches. Sometimes I feel that all leaders give the same speech. We blame them, they blame us. It is better to hold a debate on a single platform,” said Priyanka.

She further said that it was the Congress government which first brought reservation for women in the country.

“The words of the Modi government are hollow. They talk about women’s reservation. The Congress was the first to bring women’s reservation by giving a quota in Panchayats. They brought the law. However, in the present circumstances, there is no idea when reservation will be available,” Priyanka said.

She also spoke on the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) and said that “the Congress promised the old pension scheme, but the BJP is not ready for it.”

Without naming Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said, “He (bought two airplanes for himself worth Rs 16,000 crore. They (Central government) built a new Parliament building, which was not needed, but they do not have money to give to the employees.”

She added, “The central government did not provide employment. Earnings are not increasing and on top of that inflation has increased so much that state governments have to set up inflation relief camps. If someone falls ill, he feels nervous about getting treatment. In Rajasthan, the government provided free treatment by providing insurance of Rs 25 lakh. There is no such situation in other states.”

She further said that the accountability of those doing politics of religion has ended. “They have understood that there is no need to work, just take the name of religion, caste and collect votes. You have to understand that they should talk about work,” she added.

“When I talked about Modi ji’s envelope in Devnarayan temple, he felt very bad about it. This must be true, that’s why it hurts them. The time-frame for giving women’s reservations was not mentioned, which means the envelope is empty. ERCP was not declared a national project, which means Modi ji’s envelope is empty,” she commented.

Many leaders from the BJP joined the Congress during Priyanka Gandhi’s meeting. Former chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Mamta Sharma reached the stage and took membership of the Congress. Apart from this, Vikas Chaudhary, who had contested elections from Kishangarh on a BJP ticket, also joined the Congress. Along with this, Dholpur MLA Shobharani Kushwaha also joined the Congress. The BJP had expelled her after she voted for the Congress in the Rajya Sabha elections.

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