I love painting

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Name:  Kimberly Fernandes
Age: 5 Years
Father: Naveen Fernandes
Mother: Helen Fernandes
Brother: Kean Fernandes
School: Progressive English School Sharjah UAE
Class: KG 2

Water color painting is the first one I did when I was 3 years old.  It hangs on my bedroom wall reminding me of my little brother and myself playing together.

The garden with bright flowers is done with crayons – the day my dada bought me my new crayon colors for school last year.

Kiti Kiti is a sand painting which I did recently at Mega Mall – Antic Land.  It was fun doing it by pouring colored sand on sticky paper.

My favorite of all is the new butterfly and flower garden, which was an activity set just gifted to me by my aunt last week.  It is done with sticky foam and plenty of glitter glue.

I love drawing and painting!

Author: Kimberly Fernandes- UAE

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