Ideal Ice Cream bags 8 Awards-3 Best in India,4 Gold/1Silver in Great Indian Ice-Cream Contest

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Ideal Ice Cream bags 8 Awards-3 Best in India,4 Gold/1Silver in Great Indian Ice-Cream Contest

 Mangaluru: When it comes to bagging awards in the Ice Cream products, Ideal Ice Cream- a Mangaluru City based Ice-Cream Company is always on the go- and added to its credit even this year, for many years in the row – it has bagged eight medals in season six of the Great Indian Ice-cream and Frozen Dessert competition concluded at Gurugram (earlier known as Gurgaon) on Thursday 17 November 2017. Ideal has continuously been winning awards from the year 2008, and this year it has been phenomenon with the company winning more awards than the previous years. And with the company slogan ” Milky Way To Your Heart”- no doubt that Ideal Ice Cream has reached millions of their customers locally, nationally and internationally. And Mangalorean should be proud of this Mangaluru based Ice cream Company bagging awards nationally among other big Ice Cream Companies in India.

At a press meet held at Hotel Ocean Pearl-Mangaluru addressing the media persons, S Mukund Kamath, proprietor/Managing Director of the Ideal Ice Cream Company said, ” Ideal Ice Cream won the maximum award among the 103 participants (companies). These included three best in India awards, four golds and one silver. The awards that Ideal Ice Cream scooped up include the best in class for sorbet – Mango Sorbet, best in class for innovation – Marzi Paan, best in class for vanilla frozen dessert, gold for vanilla ice-cream, gold for sorbet, gold for vanilla frozen dessert, gold for most innovative paan, and a silver for best chocolate category. The awards would not have been possible without hard work of the Ideal Ice Cream team and love and support of its customers.”

Mukund further said, “In the past, the vanilla ice cream of Ideal Ice Cream had won three awards in the contest in 2013. Ideal won two gold medals – the best vanilla in frozen dessert category and the standard vanilla category. It had also picked up the best in class award in standard vanilla category. Ideal won the silver for its Belgian chocolate in best chocolate ice-cream category and a silver medal in the innovation category for its product jackfruit payasam ice-cream. The ice cream varieties are primarily judged on their flavour and aroma, texture and body, and in presentation. An initial round is held to identify gold winners who qualify for the finals. In the finals, the gold winners compete among themselves for the ‘Best in Class’ awards. The panel consisted of world- renowned ice cream specialists and 25 judges from leading food and beverage companies. Popular televiaon host and food anchor Maria Goretti presented the awards”

“Incidentally season 6 of ‘The Great Indian Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Contest’ (TGIIFDC) was organized with an ethnic Indian theme. In 2017, TGIIFDC celebrated the kind of ice creams one wants to eat – tasty, authentic and creatively localized with an ethnic Indian twist. The competition introduced ‘Sorbet’ as one of the award categories for first time, to further endorse its popularity as a healthier fruit-infused frozen alternative in the ice cream market. The contest was designed to honor work of ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers in India and honored winners who pushed their industry towards craftsmanship and innovation enhancing popular ice cream flavor landscape and creating local concoctions. Participants competed for best-in-class, gold, silver and bronze titles in six award categories – standard vanilla ice cream, standard vanilla frozen dessert, best chocolate, most innovative, kool kids, sorbet.. The ice cream varieties are primarily judged on their flavour and aroma, texture and body, and in presentation” added Mukund Kamath.

Mukund also said, ” We have always followed on the comments/suggestions and ideas put forth by our friends and customers, to make our products attain good quality and customer satisfaction. I inspect and taste every product of ours before it is marketed, so that I am confident it would bring good reviews and compliments. Apart from the suggestions and ideas from our friends and customers for our accomplishments, our employees and marketing department have played a vital role in the success of our company. All our employees are very passionate, dedicated and committed, and along with their hard work -the result is that we have bagged these prestigious awards. My heartfelt thanks to all of them. And to our esteemed customers, my sincere and heartfelt thanks- you were also a part of our success and achievement”.

Also Team Mangalorean interacting with Mukund’s son, Mohit, aged nine, whether he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and how does he feel about his dad winning all these awards, he said, ” I am very very proud, and congratulate my dad for his ideas and innovation in creating all these ice cream flavors that have won people’s hearts and also winning awards. Yes, surely I want to follow in my dad’s footsteps, and continue the business. Just like my dad, I too also want to create unique ice cream flavors- and try to beat my dad with my innovations (with broad smile on his face”. In the meantime, Mukund’s daughter Manya, aged 13, sitting next to Mohit said that she too is proud of her dad and overwhelmed at the awards won.

M N Bhat- Father-in-law of Mukund who is also the General Manager of the company. Jaya Kamath and Divya Kamath -the Mother and Wife of Mukund respectively, Ashwin- Senior Marketing manager were also seated on the dais during the press meet. The vote of thanks was proposed by Narayan- the factory manager. The media persons were treated to sample of Mango Sorbet (More Than Aam) and the Most Innovative Marzi Paan.

Following are the 8 Awards Won:

Best in class for Sorbet: Mango Sorbet (More Than Aam)
Best in Class for Innovation (Marzi Paan)
Best in Class for Vanilla Frozen dessert
Gold for Vanilla Ice Cream
Gold for Sorbet (More Than Aam)
Gold for Vanilla Frozen Dessert
Gold for Most Innovative (Marzi Paan)
Silver for Chocolate (Swiss Chocolate)

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  1. Congrats to M/S Ideal.
    It is the way youngsters are given a free hand to manage the show. Dear Mukund has done well.
    For us from the beginning of the entry of S.Prabhakar Kamath into Ice Cream industry, the brand was” PABBAS Ice Cream”.
    Congratulations to Dear Pabba & Family.
    All the best for many many awards in future.

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