‘If CM has Guts, He Should Terminate Tanveer Sait’-Poojary

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‘If CM has Guts, He Should Terminate Tanveer Sait’-Poojary

‘If Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has the Guts he should Terminate State Primary and Higher Education Minsiter Tanveer Sait immediately’-Janardhan Poojary

Mangaluru: Once again Jannanna is in the Press Club building with his signature words “He should Resign…He should resign?”. This isn’t the first time a Karnataka minister has been caught watching porno images; in 2012, two BJP ministers — Laxman Savadi and CC Patil — were caught watching porn clips during a legislative session. The clip had been forwarded by a colleague, Krishna Palemar. All three resigned from their posts following the scandal. And now we have yet another state minister following in their footsteps, and already in the soup facing criticisms and anger from citizens.


Addressing the media persons during a press meet at Mangalore Press Club, Senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary blasted at CM Siddaramaiah for keeping numb on the Tanveer Sait issue. He said, ” It is an embarrassment to the Karnataka government, a minister allegedly getting caught viewing pornographic content on his phone on Thursday during the Tipu Jayanti celebrations. Primary and higher education minister, Tanveer Sait, was caught going through seemingly pornographic photos on his phone at a state-sponsored celebration in Raichur. Many organizations and a section of historians have condemned this incident. But our CM has no shame to still keep this minister in his cabinet. Tanveer should be fired immediately from his post”.

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Poojary further said, “In spite of the incident coming to light after a regional Kannada channel, caught images of Sait scrolling through what appeared to be photos of semi-clad women on his phone, Sait is still denying the charges, saying he was looking at pictures of the Tipu Jayanti celebrations in Mysore when the images popped up on a WhatsApp group. If some pictures popped up and they were porno images, why did he still continue in looking at them. He is a grown up man, not a youngster. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. He belongs to a religion where their women wear Ghoshas, and it seems like he doesn’t have respect for women watching porno during a function. He should admire the attire of Sonia Gandhi, how she dresses in decent sarees-that is the culture and tradition of India, and not watch porno images”.


“This morning on TV I heard that CM has approached Sait and discussed with him about the incident and requested him to resign. But on the other hand, Tanveer is clarifying that that CM has not approached him nor anyone has asked him to resign. Whom are we going to trust now- CM or Sait. Both are saying different stories. CM should speak up and tell the people what his actions are on this issue. The CM does not have to budge to a minister-if he has the guts he should terminate Tanveer Sait by this evening-if not face the consequences from the High Command and people of Karnataka. Tanveer Sait should be sacked immediately who was caught on camera watching pictures which were allegedly porn. Instead of being stubborn and arrogant, Tanveer should accept the resignation ” urged Poojary.

Congress members Kallige Taranath Shetty, Arun Coelho, Karunakar Shetty and Umesh Chandra were also present during the meet.

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