If Hindu Society Responds against Atrocities Police and Govt Responsible – MP Nalin

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If Hindu Society Responds against Atrocities Police and Govt Responsible – MP Nalin

Mangaluru: Hindu Hitarakshana Samiti staged a protest against the continuous atrocities on the Hindu community in front of the DC office here on November 21. Addressing the protesters MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said, “In 2013, there was a change in power and the Congress government came to power. People believed that if the Congress government will come to power there will be Rama Rajya but from the past four years, Siddaramaiah has created the Ravana Rajya. There have been continuous atrocities on the Hindus and it is my duty to protect my community. Today I am here to protect my Hindu community, even though I have to attend the session, I wanted to speak about the atrocities being committed against our community. I warn the government, if the Hindu community will not be given protection, the BJP government being in power in the center, I will take appropriate action. When George left the Home ministry and Dr Parameshwar became the home minister, we thought that the Hindu community will be safe and we can get sound sleep. When George was in power, cow traffickers showing Machetes while stealing cows but when Parmeshwar became the HM, people walking on the streets are also attacked by machetes. The Chief minister is behind all the atrocities on the Hindu community, he wants to stop the activities of Hindu community”, Nalin alleged.

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MP Nalin further said, “When Cow trafficker Kabir was killed, Siddaramaiah sanctioned Rs 10 lakh compensation. But when Hindu youth like Prashanth Poojary, from Moodbidri; Raju, Mysuru; Kuttappa, Madikeri; Rudresh, Bengaluru; Karthikraj, Innoli and Raju were killed the government did not give any compensation. Siddaramaiah did not even visit their houses. In the state, many Hindu youths have been killed but no arrest have been made so far. In one year there were 2 murders and 7 people stabbed in the Ullal area. The Police department is under pressure from the Congress government led by Siddaramaiah. ISIS activities are taking place in Dakshina Kannada. We have requested the police department to curb the terrorist ISIS activities in the district but the police are not listening to us. I warn the government that, we have started our protest based on Gandhiji’s principals, we are protesting peacefully, the government should not give the opportunity for the Hindu community to follow Veer Sarvarkar’s Principals. In the coming days, if any untoward incidents take place, the CM, Home minister and the district minister in-charge will be held responsible. I also warn the police department to properly investigate the cases in the coming days and arrest the culprits. If not the district police department will be held responsible for any untoward incidents”.


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Addressing the protesters Prof M B Puranik said, “The Hindu community have been targetted and atrocities on Hindu’s are continuously taking place, but the government nor the police department has taken any action. Due to the attacks many Hindu youths like Prashanth Poojary from Moodbidri; Raju, Mysuru; Kuttappa, Madikeri; Rudresh, Bengaluru and Karthikraj from Innoli have been murdered and the police have not arrested any of the accused in these cases nor have they been able to find out the organizations behind these killings. They have even attempted to murder an RSS leader, but luckily he has survived. Most of all, these murders are similar, persons coming on a motorbike hack or stab and kill the victim. The police have failed to find out the main organization behind these killings”.

Prof Puranik said, “There is an organization in Kerala which trains to kill people. They use dogs which are killed during the training by persons carrying machetes and riding motorbikes. We have a suspicion of the State government being involved in all these crimes. We warn the police department and the state government if such atrocities on the Hindu community continues, we will intensify our protest. This is only a symbolic protest which is just the beginning. We will take the decision soon. If proper information is not given by the police department, we will intensify our protest in the coming days”.

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Addressing the protesters RSS Pracharak, Gopal said, “Islam means peace but wherever there is Islam there is no peace, but violence, corruption, cheating the government. Muslims are involved in murder and theft. In Ullal Karthik was killed, Ram Mohan was attacked and there are number of atrocities on the Hindu community but not a single person has been arrested.

He further said, “Recently with severe opposition from all the organizations the Tipu Jayanti was celebrated. CM Siddaramaiah’s parents thought that he will do good and they named him as Siddaramaiah but his name is a shame to Lord Rama. The name Siddaramaiah is not suitable to the CM, his name should be changed as Saddam Hussain.”

Gopal further said, “We have respect for the Karnataka police, they listen to the government but we did not think that they will be the slaves of the government, especially the police in Mangaluru have become slaves of the government. In 2 years, 2 murders, 7 stabbing cases, and the police have not yet arrested anyone. The police have also started harassing the Hindu youth. Dhanush and Sharat were arrested by the police and they are being forced to tell their leaders name. CCB Police Sunil Nayak should be careful because he has arrested Dhanush and Sharat. Sunil Nayak should not interfere in Tulasidas issue, he warned. You are trying to fix him in the Karthik murder case. Hindus have limits for their tolerance. Injustice is being done to Hindus, we are quiet but hereafter we will not sit quietly. The government and the police should not wait for the Hindu society to take the law in their hands.

Gopal also said, “We have special respect towards our Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar but now the situation has made us think. You have assured that you will not file any cases against the leaders but now you are filing cases after cases. Recently the police started to arrest the innocent Hindu youth. A Hindu youth Tulasidas from Mudipu was arrested by the police in connection with the Ullal attack. From past five days, there is no information about Tulasidas. If the police will not release Tulasidas we will file a Habeas corpus against the police. If anything goes wrong with Tulasidas we will not sit quietly. If anything goes wrong in the society, the police department and government are responsible. Hindu society will give a befitting reply”.

Former MLC Monappa Bhandary also spoke on the occasion.

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