If not filmmaker, Prakash Jha would’ve been an IAS officer

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Mumbai, Aug 12 (IANS) Filmmaker Prakash Jha says that if he hadn’t come to Mumbai to become a filmmaker, he would have been forced to become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer.

“Honestly speaking, I quit studying in college because I thought if I become a graduate, they’ll definitely put me into UPSC exams and definitely make an IAS out of me, which is what the family expected,” Jha said here.

He spoke at the launch of lyricist Anand Bakshi’s son, Rakesh’s book “Director’s Diaries: The Road to Their First film”, sharing his initial journey in the Hindi film industry.

Jha, known for films like “Apaharan” and “Raajneeti”, said he realised that “there was no way” he could have become a civil servant while he was still in college.

“I was in Ramjas College (Delhi) studying Physics and after a year of studying, I realised that there was no way I could’ve become a civil servant. Since I come from Bihar; a Brahmin family and Bihar regularly manufactures these IAS and IPS (Indian Police Service) officers. So that’s why I ran off from there (Delhi) in a year and came to Mumbai,” he added.

However, Jha feels the risk of coming to Mumbai has been “exciting and enjoyable.”

“Every single day in Mumbai till today has been exciting, enjoyable, sometimes to do things which are appreciated, sometimes to do things which you’ll not get appreciated, but it’s okay. For me, it’s like it all just happened yesterday and if I relive that story, I’d love to do that. This is a beautiful city, Mumbai.”

Jha’s next film is the Priyanka Chopra-starrer “Gangaajal 2”.

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