If Pakistan is Destroyed, Indian Muslims Will Unite with Hindus – Dr Kalladka Bhat

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If Pakistan is Destroyed, Indian Muslims Will Unite with Hindus – Dr Kalladka Bhat

Mangaluru: The Hindu Jagarana Vedike and Bajrang Dal held ‘Akanda Bharata Sankalpa Day’ and a Torch bearing procession (Panjina Meravanige) at Nehru Maidan here, on August 13.

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The ‘Panjina Meravanige’ was held from Ambedkar Circle Jyothi and culminated at the Nehru Maidan.

The ‘Akanda Bharata Sankalpa’ flag was hoisted by Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat. Later, the portrait of Goddess Sharada was garlanded by Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat and other guests present on the dais. District President Jagadish Shenava welcomed the gathering.

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Prof M B Puranik delivered the keynote address and briefed the gathering about the significance of Akanda Bharata Sankalpa Day. “On August 15, we celebrate Independence day and prior to that on August 13, the VHP and BD are observing Akanda Bharata Sankalpa Day. Gandhi said that he will not allow the country to be divided, but the then Prime Minister, for his selfish motives, allowed the division of the country,” he said.

He also said that a militant from Pakistan had sneaked into Kashmir about 12 days ago and said “I am from Pakistan and my partner was killed in the firing but I escaped. There is fun in doing this…I came to kill Hindus.”

“Every patriot Indian should be united to make India a Hindu Nation,” He said.

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RSS leader Dr Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, addressing the gathering, said, “Some people ask, is it possible to unite India which is divided into two? When a mirror breaks, is it possible to fix it? Germany and Korea were broken into two. But they have united and it is possible to be one. In the entire world, divided countries are becoming one; why can India not become one? The second issue is how to take care of the Muslims if they become one with us. We thought Congress will safeguard Hindus but it is pleasing the Muslims by calling Hindu-Muslims Bhai-Bhai. In their greed for power, Congress leaders have created divisions and put the country in trouble.” He said that Pakistan produces terrorists. “We are not against Muslims but we are against the terrorist acts of Pakistan. So far, our country has been able to hang only three terrorists – Afzal Guru, Kasab and Yakub Memon. They have killed hundreds of people but when they were hanged, there was a soft corner from some people. When hundreds of innocent people died and thousands were injured, why did these people not show any soft corner? Why did they not raise their voice? If Pakistan will be destroyed, Indian Muslims will be united with us and we will all be one and called Indians.”

He also recalled the church attacks and said, “The believers of New Life were converting our brothers and sisters to Christianity.” “What is wrong when our people attack when there was forced conversion? Later, Christians pelted stones on Police and they had to resort to lathis; what is wrong in it? When anyone assaults policemen, will they sit quiet?” he questioned. “But the Hindu youth were blamed for the attack on churches. In this country, Hindus are the most discriminated people. Hinduism is the only Dharma and the rest all are religions. If Muslims will be attacked, Pakistan will protect them; if Christians are attacked, USA will question and protect them; but when Hindus are attacked, no one protects them,” he said.

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He also said, “Everyone calls me a fanatic. My name was listed in the police station as Goonda Number One with photograph. When Muslims come and assault us, we should run; if we stop running and ask them why are you hitting us, we are called goondas. Earlier Hindus were not defending themselves when they were attacked. Now we have to defend ourselves. When we fight back it is called moral policing. If we fight for justice, it is called moral policing. What is it that the police do? Is it immoral policing? Whoever commits crime should be punished equally according to the law of the land. No one is above the law.”

He also recalled that earlier there was love jihad and now there is “cow jihad”. “Muslims are stealing our cows and girls. Why do they kidnap our girls? Everyday more than 300 girls are missing and only few appear after marrying in the court or temple. But where are the rest of the girls? They have been kidnapped by the Muslims for ‘love Jihad’. And now they are stealing our cows for food. Sometimes, Hindus themselves are not protecting or helping Hindus. We have to treat everyone equally because we are the children of this country and we are all Indians,” he said.

Jitendra Kottari compered the programme and delivered the vote of thanks.


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  1. Let Peace prevail on India’s Independence Day. Let “Shanti” be the highlight of the auspicious day. Let us live in peace with our neighbors, specially peace within. That is what Mahatma Gandhi taught us. That’s what we need to follow in these changing times.


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