If Temples can be Built in UAE and USA, why not Jesus Statue in India? – U T Khader

If Temples can be Built in UAE and USA, why not Jesus Statue in India? – U T Khader

Mangaluru: “The BJP and its rightwing organizations have shown their cheap mentality by protesting against the construction of the statue of Jesus at Kanakapura. The Christian community has sacrificed a lot with selfless service to society. If leprosy patients are treated it is only in Fr Muller Hospital. There were no proper hospitals for treating psychiatric patients. Fr Muller Hospital came forward to open the psychiatric ward. The Christian community has not misused their power”, said former minister U T Khader when asked about the Kanakapura Chalo agitation under the leadership of Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

Responding to a question by journos U T Khader said, “Constructing the Jesus statue is for unity, brotherhood and peace. Christians have started medical colleges, educational institutions and hospitals all over the country for the benefit of all. We talk about patriotism but we hesitate to treat leprosy patients. Fr Muller hospital started the first leprosy ward, Christian religious leaders have beautified places wherever they have settled. Why are those who are protesting against the Christians not doing it? In Kanakapura people are living in peace and harmony. The intention of those protesting against Christians is to divide and rule”.

U T Khader further said, “I had attended the programme in St Agnes college, those who studied there and have reached great heights in life have donated in crores of Rupees for the development of the college. The Christian community created a revolution in the field of education which we should remember. In Dubai they give land to construct Temples and churches, in the USA they allow the construction of Temples, If Temples can be Built in UAE and USA, why not Jesus Statue in India? The government has given permission to construct the statue of Jesus in Kanakapura. They are doing it legally so those who oppose it should do it legally instead of protesting. What is wrong in erecting the statue? Why is Prabhakar Bhat creating problems in Bengaluru? Let the people of Bengaluru live in peace.”

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That’s because Prabhar Bhat is uneducated and UT Khader is educated and also has a lot of sense and passion for his job.

A. S. Mathew

How hospitable and greatly concerned with the Christians of Afghanistan-Bangladesh and Pakistan by Modi-Amith Shah? The attacks against the Christians have greatly increased since BJP-RSS came into power in 2014. Smriti Irani with the backing of the BJP rulers tried too hard to take off the Christmas holiday from the Indian Calendar in 2014 itself and to make that as the birthday of Vajpayee, but it didn’t work out. She got her high school diploma from a Catholic Church operated High School. The anti-conversion law in 10 States, added four more in the BJP States since BJP came into power.… Read more »


Yenna Mathew saar. Ungalukku verey vele illayaa? Ippdi yella discriminatory dialogues venda ketto.


Why do Hindus keep on going against we Christians? Do we even create problems in the country? Or do we oppose them in their administration? It’s all about the intention of the BJP and the RSS plan to remove us


What about a temple in Saudi Arabia ?

tina priya

The people who are protesting against Christians HAVE NOT tasted the peace which we have…The are not taught to love one another..Its very sad that the country is becoming worse day by day…but sure there will be a sad ending