Imtiaz Ali praises Marathi cinema and its ‘Highway’

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Mumbai, Aug 29 (IANS) Imtiaz Ali, who directed the Hindi film “Highway” and has lent support to the Marathi film “Highway – Ek Selfie Aar Paar”, says he regularly watches Marathi films and feels inspired by its fresh style of storytelling.

Present at a screening of the Marathi film, Imtiaz said: “I’ve been watching numerous Marathi films and I’m getting inspired by them as they have a fresh style of storytelling.

“Usually, in Marathi cinema there is a nice, poignant approach to filmmaking. And Marathi cinema has a very unique voice.”

He believes it is the “kind of cinema we see in other languages from all around the world and get very impressed by”.

“I’ve been following Marathi cinema for the last few years. I feel that their engagement with the irony of life and the way in which they tell the stories is actually quite a distinct voice,” he added.

Since Imtiaz has also made a film titled “Highway”, which stars Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda, comparisons and similarities are bound to take place.

Asked about it, he said: “I’ll obviously have an interest in another film of the same name since I too made one. But I know that this is very different to my film. In this, there are many characters and they are very different.”

Actors Tisca Chopra and Renuka Shahane Rana play crucial parts in the film, directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni.

Imtiaz said: “Tisca and Renuka are dear actors who I know and enjoy the performances of. And Umesh, I feel is a director with a very fresh mind.”

The Marathi “Highway” released on Friday.

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