I am an Indian, have full faith in Constitution: Kanhaiya

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529471_thumpNew Delhi (PTI) : Slapped with sedition charge, JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar today said he is an Indian who has full faith in judiciary and the Constitution, a statement the police latched on to say that it will not oppose his bail.

“I have said earlier too. I am an Indian. I have full faith in the Constitution as well as the judiciary of the country,” Kumar told metropolitan magistrate Lovleen when he was produced for remand proceedings.

“The media trial against me is painful. If there is evidence against me that I am a traitor, then you please send me to jail. But if there no evidence against me, there should be no media trial,” he said in a statement at the start of the proceedings.

Kumar, who has been booked under sedition charge in connection with an event in JNU where anti-national slogans were allegedly raised last week, has been arrested by Delhi Police. He has been remanded to judicial custody till March 2.

Reacting to the statement, Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi said if Kumar applies for bail, then police will not object to it.

“I personally feel, a young person…perhaps be given bail,” he told reporters.
Kumar told the committee of lawyers sent by the Supreme Court to asses the situation in Patiala House Court that he was treated well by the police.

“I have no complaints against the police. When I was brought to the court, a mob attacked me. Police was escorting me to the court room and they tried their best to save me from the mob. But still, I was beaten up. Even some of the police officials were assaulted,” he said.

The magistrate immediately ordered medical examination of Kumar by a team of doctors inside the court.

The magistrate ordered the DCP (Security) present in the court to ensure that there is no attack on him. He also directed the Superintendent of Tihar jail to ensure security of Kumar.

Bassi said there is adequate evidence against Kumar in the sedition case. “As far as merits of the case , we will present it in the court.”

He said before he left for the court, Kumar had issued a statement in which he had said he has faith in the Constitution of India and had referred to the objectionable anti-national slogans.

The objective of the statement, the Commissioner said, was to tell the other JNU students not to indulge in such activities and that it was not the right path.

“I have told the government counsel to tell the Supreme Court that Kanhaiya before appearing in the Patiala House Court has made the appeal. DCP (South) is releasing the statement on twitter for wider reach,” said Bassi.

But in view of his appeal to his brethren in JNU not to indulge in anti-national activities and his expression of faith in Constitution and judiciary, he said they would not oppose his bail if he applied for it.

Asked whether he was giving a clean chit to Kumar, Bassi said “I am not giving a clean chit.”

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  1. “I am an Indian, have full faith in Constitution” quoting a ‘student leader’ whose group was calling for India’s destruction while cheering enemy nation ‘Paakistaan’!!! LOL

    This guy has a funny way of showing his ‘faith’ in India’s constitution while calling for India to be broken into 16 pieces!! What an ignoramus!! This shows the moral bankruptcy on part of these Left-wing, pseudo secular groups who have no idea what they are doing or talking about!!!

    • Mr. Pai, it seems like you are closely tied with the number 16! You have 16 books of Sri. Vivekananda, now afraid of the national breaking into 16 pieces. You have real indigestion towards the pseudo secular and left wing ignoramus people of India, that is real tolerance.
      Please advise Mr. Modi to ship all these unwanted and ignoramus people to the former communist nations and to Pakistan, so that India will be totally transformed as an holy nation with Modiji’s and Godsay’s Temples all across the nation.

  2. “Sedition”? That’s a LAUGH!

    The 1 man army Govt. at the Centre SERIOUSLY needs to have ……………..examined. I think he needs to open his mouth a tad (in India) and JUST not go around the globe HUGGING people – like the ‘Appa’ version of the ‘Hugging Amma’. God! What a JOKE! AND it isn’t even two whole years!

    And to think that people like our Yumreeki ತೋಳುಕುರ್ಚಿ ವಿಶ್ಲೇಷಕ (Armchair Analyst) called ಓರಿಗಿನಾಲಿಗೆ ರಾಂಪ and ದೀಪಕ ಶೆಟ್ಟ್ರೇ support the fellow and want MORE such people like him. What jokers in support of a ………….!

    • The 1 man army General is not only shaking hands with the beef eating politcians and business people of the world, but hugging them. There are some people mainly in north India, they will not allow meat eating people to their homes since they are unholy; yet some educated people will not even use a pen used by the meat eating people. Is that a contradiction, beef export is increasing from India, beef eaters in India are afraid of eating beef, but the General is hugging the beef eaters around the world. Mr. Modi has to get early clearance through his constantly traveling comrades that those hands stretching towards him must be only from the dedicated vegetarians.

  3. How the police can do their duty if they are afraid of political vendetta from the powerful BJP lawyers mighty battalion?
    For the police, their mere survival would be in danger if they do their duty. Why the police force of New Delhi can’t be assigned under the authority of the New Delhi Government like other States of India?

  4. CPIM students union of Jadavpur University are longtime hungry for power. They are indulging in terorist activities. Now, they are asking separate W.B, separate Kerala, seperate Tipura from India. They do not have knowledge about Geography, where is all those states in the map. They are thugs.. running by leader like Biman Bose, Budhadeb Battacharya

    • pappu paraveena….. congarts for supporting anti national – Deepaka

      ಬಂಡ್ಲ್ ಬುಡ್ಲೆ ದೀಪಕೆರೆ. ಎನ್ನ 15 ಲಕ್ಷ ಒಡೆ ಉಂಡು?

    • A beggar with grooming

      When I had gone abroad for a holiday on a shoestring, I came across a tramp or beggar. He was old, probably in sixties or seventies, and pleading with people passing by to spare change or currency. He appeared to be one who had attended the Business Management Institute for Beggary because he spoke well and was pleading with people to give money by saying, “Please help me by contributing generously for a just cause. I do not have parents, siblings or girl-friends. My life is pathetic and I have to take care of myself. I am in difficulties.” How sweet and funny?

      At this age, he expects his parents to be alive and aspires to have fun and frolic with girl-friends.” Probably, he is living on a diet comprising milk, dates, cashew nuts, aphrosidiacs and chotta pegs. May Almighty God, shower his choicest blessings on everyone to live long, have parents and the luxury of having girl-friends, irrespective of how old they are?

  5. I am an Indian, have full faith in Constitution: Kanhaiya

    But does the BJP government have faith in the Constitution?

  6. Dear readers,

    The Modi government itself quietly doffed its hat at JNU today, appointing a former professor from the institution, Yogesh Tyagi, the new vice-chancellor of Delhi University. The Union HRD ministry announced the appointment of Tyagi, who did his PhD in legal studies at JNU.

    Modi’s mates, made in JNU- People the govt would’ve missed


    BJP president Amit Shah today blamed a “Leftist ideological inspiration” for the slogans students allegedly raised last week.

    But Sitharaman, who was a member of the Free Thinkers group during her time in JNU, had in a 2009 interview to the university alumni wing lavished credit on the university for inspiring “anything I am today.” “JNU most certainly provided me the best opportunity to participate in all sorts of debates and to think in a different way,” Sitharaman told the alumni newsletter. “I must say that JNUites do things differently, wherever they are, and that’s how they stand out.”

    Commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman and department of industrial policy and promotion secretary Amitabh Kant – the force behind Prime Minister Modi’s “Make in India” campaign -are both JNU graduates.

    Foreign secretary S. Jaishankar and deputy national security adviser Arvind Gupta, both handpicked by Modi, earned their PhDs at JNU.

    The university is alma mater to Syed Asif Ibrahim, the former Intelligence Bureau chief who was appointed by Modi last year as his special envoy on counter-terrorism, with a focus on West Asia. And at least 15 Indian ambassadors currently serving abroad, and three division heads in the ministry of external affairs – tasked with protecting India’s strategic and diplomatic interests – studied at JNU.

    As the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) row began, the home minister said the event held in the university campus was supported by Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the patron of Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT).Rajnath Singh has found himself in an embarassing spot over his comments putting baseless allegation from the responsible position for a such reputable institute in which BJP many mentors are graduated.

    It is shameful that BJP’s devise politics has not even spared the campus. How will investor will appeased who are invited with fancy slogan of ‘Make in India’ ,start up India’?

    Jai Hind

  7. I have seen the video. You are guilty: If there is evidence against me that I am a traitor. I have seen the video on “Cultural show”. You are guilty.

  8. joker Praveena Pinto, a member of minority vote bank of ’44-seats’ party, doesn’t understand the real threat here. After all, his party members were seeking help fropm Pakistan to remove Modiji!!!

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