Right wing outfits making irresponsible statements: Puri Shankaracharya

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529475_thumpLucknow (PTI): Puri Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshjanand today alleged that right wing outfits were issuing irresponsible statements on contentious issues, pushing the nation to the brink of riots.

“The right wing organisations supporting the BJP are making irresponsible statements on Ram Mandir and other such issues and throwing the country on the brink of communal riots,” he told reporters here.

The Jagatguru said he had recently written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for putting a check on this.

He accused Modi of forgetting about Gita, Ganga and Gau, issues through which he had come to power and said he will tour the country to spread awareness against the Centre, within his limitations as a religious leader.

To questions on Mumbai attack accused David Headley’s deposition about the links of Ishrat Jahan with terrorists, he said surprisingly the version of the terror accused was being taken as true while setting aside all other facts.

On the JNU issue, he said it is the duty of the government to talk to separatists as is being done in Nagaland but the mediator for Kashmir has not yet been decided.

“When their views are not being heard at the right forum they will be forced to raise it at universities and other such forums,” he added.

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  1. Looking at his views on Mumbai attackers, LeT members and Kashmeeri terrorism, it’s quite clear that this guy represents a self-hating, suicidal streak within sanaathana dharma that always gives the benefit of doubt to minorities even at the cost of survival. When someone projects hindu right-wing groups as the biggest threat and ignores the ‘kutantri’ tactics of other religious groups, he/she loses all credibility. Just saying – that’s all.

  2. At least, thank GOD, great religious Gurus of the Hindu religion like Puri Shankaracharya is opening their mouth to speak about the dangerous march of the nation towards total anarchy and division.

    Hinduism is a way of life, totally different than other religions of the world; but too terribly, some of the political parties of India have skyjacked the Hindu religion for their vested interests and misleading the nation to bloodshed.

    Among the religions of the world, all of them have one main sacred holy book. But in the many sacred books written by Maharshis in the Hindu religion down through the centuries, revealing great principles of truth and the final victory of truth; but hardly none of these politicians have a copy of those books, but they create their own Hindu philosophy and hot topics as well as objects to brainwash the gullible public with emotional mega charging; thus taking advantage. What a sad predicament of the nation?

  3. Cow Pai: You have indicated earlier that you are an atheist, but now you will have to admit that your god is cow. Also, since you have vast collection of books like 16 books of Swami Vivekandanda, you will have to bring reference from any Hindu scripture that beef eating is prohibited in Hinduism. You have the right to call me beef Mathew, do believe in the freedom of expression; so are now enthroned as COW PAI.

    • Cow Pai: You have indicated earlier that you are an atheist, but now you will have to admit that your god is cow. …so are now enthroned as COW PAI..- Mr. AS Mathew to our Rampa.

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  5. Dear AS Beef Mathew,
    I know what Vivekananda said in reference to beef consumption. I also know what he said about mohammadans and christians. Let me know if you want me to educate you more.

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