Indian woman in Pakistan refuses to leave without her kids

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Indian woman in Pakistan refuses to leave without her kids
Islamabad: Farzana Begum, an Indian national hailing from Mumbai, is currently in Pakistan fighting for the custody of her children, has refused to return to her native country, stating that her children’s lives are in danger.

Farzana Begum married a Pakistani citizen, Mirza Mubin Elahi, in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

Later, the couple came to Pakistan in 2018 and have two sons aged seven and six.

Farzana’s case gained public limelight after she allegedly tortured her husband over a dispute regarding the custody of her sons and some properties in the name of her sons.

Farzana rejects her husband’s claims that he had divorced her, stating: “If he has divorced me, then there must be a certificate.”

“Me and my children’s lives are in danger in Pakistan over a property dispute. I am confined to my house in Rehman Gardens, Lahore, and my children are enduring hunger,” she said.

Farzana called on the government of Pakistan to provide her with protection until the case was resolved, refusing to leave to her native country without her sons.

“There are some properties in Lahore which are in the name of my sons. My husband has possession of mine and my children’s passports,” she added.

Farzana is the second wife of Mubin Elahi.

Elahi already has a Pakistani wife and children, who Farzana alleges are plotting to bully and intimidate her to return to India and snatch control of properties, which she says belong to her two sons.

Advocate Mohsin Abbas, lawyer of Farzana, said: “Mubin Elahi is spreading false rumours that Farzana’s visa had expired even though her passport was in his possession.”

The case has become the talk of the town, as Farzana is unclear about the status of her visa, and is adamant that she will not leave without her sons.

“I would never return to India without my sons,” Farzana said.

While Farzana has been vocal about the case and her stance, Elahi has been quiet and has not clarified his position on the matter.

Farzana also rejects the accusation of her husband that she tortured him, stating that Elahi is making false allegations to get away from the core issue of the custody of her sons and possession of their properties in Pakistan.

“I know that Elahi is delaying the process to make sure my visa gets expired and I am forced to leave Pakistan. But I will not leave without my sons,” Farzana asserted.


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