Ineffective Liquor Policy Promoting Consumption in State: former DySP Anupama Shenoy

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Ineffective Liquor Policy Promoting Consumption in State: former DySP Anupama Shenoy

Udupi: The government policy to generate revenue from excise is promoting liquor consumption in the state said former DySP Anupama Shenoy. She was speaking after inaugurating the “Children of Alcoholics” Awareness programme organized by Dr. A.V Baliga Memorial Hospital at Jagannatha Auditorium, Udupi here on February 12.

The Chief Minister in a meeting with excise officials has given them targets to generate revenue from the sale of liquor in the state. The conviction to the excise department is not witnessed in other departments. The loop holes in the excise policy is promoting consumption of liquor in the state.
The influence of alcohol has led to crime. Rioting cases, family disputes, accident cases are the outcome of the consumption of liquor. The soothing effect in mind after consumption of liquor influences the decision making power. You find difficult to decide and the outcome may ruin your life.

You need to have a support system to fight addiction, where positive thinking plays an important role. Children should never reject their parents who are addicted. Love and patience can fight addiction.

Liquor mafia has ruined my job, the mafia has its roots in the system and society in Koodlagi. The illiteracy in Koodlagi has led people to get easily influenced by the mafia who have institutionalized liquor. The drive was launched in Koodlagi to take on liquor mafia and the people have responded effectively to the drive. Letters and appeals are pouring in from the people and about 16 FIR’s have been registered. I have sent 2 registered letters to the department, one citing personal issues which was accepted while the other letter is missing, she added.

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