Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies Worth Trying

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Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies Worth Trying

Digital marketing is ripe with opportunities for businesses to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Let’s explore some of the latest digital marketing strategies that businesses can use to enhance their online presence and attract new customers.

Personalised Content Marketing

Personalisation allows businesses to tailor content and messaging to the unique preferences and interests of individual customers. Now, businesses can deliver targeted and relevant content across various digital channels using data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and customer segmentation techniques.

Popular forms of personalised content marketing include emails, interactive quizzes, gamification and retargeted ads. Little tweaks like adding a personalised subject line and greeting can increase email engagement by 20%. While Facebook is ideal for retargeting ads, brands can create posts and then boost them as ads for particular audiences, such as current customers.

Online casinos are masters at personalised digital marketing. You may be recommended Paddy Power online slot games based on your previous playing history, or when you open your inbox, be greeted with free spins for your favourite slot.

Influencer Marketing

By partnering with influencers with a loyal following and credibility within specific industries or communities, businesses can tap into the influencers’ fans to promote products, services, and brand messages authentically.

Gymshark went from a small-time athletic clothing brand into a multi-billion dollar business with revenue in excess of $600 million by leveraging fitness influencers. Gymshark strategically found the most popular fitness influencers and offered them brand deals in exchange for wearing and promoting Gymshark clothing. Within a matter of months, every gym was flooded with people decked out in Gymshark apparel.

Social Commerce

Social media platforms have evolved beyond mere communication channels and have become powerful drivers of e-commerce and digital commerce. Social commerce enables businesses to sell products and services directly within social media environments, using user-generated content to drive conversions and sales.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have integrated shopping features that allow businesses to create shoppable posts, tag products in photos, and facilitate seamless transactions within the platform. By tapping into the social networks and purchasing behaviours of their target audience, businesses can capitalise on impulse purchases.

KitKat unveiled a unique Facebook Live shopping experience in Australia, “Live from the KitKat Chocolatory,” in 2020. Chocolatiers in real-time demonstrated products, answered viewers’ questions and gave away exclusive gifts. You could even type in a keyword and receive a link to purchase the product online.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice-activated virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri have improved significantly over the last few years, giving rise to voice search optimisation. Businesses must optimise their online content and websites to ensure visibility and relevance in voice search results.

Businesses can optimise their website content for long-tail keywords and natural language queries that align with how users speak and interact with voice-enabled devices. Businesses can create voice-optimized FAQ pages, local business listings, and structured data markup to enhance their chances of appearing in voice search results.

Salesforce is a market leader in voice search. You can make simple voice commands and the software will trawl through extensive data and generate the insights you’re looking for. Salesforce’s voice search seriously cuts down on the time data analysts need to spend pouring over and organising data.

Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and giving businesses new opportunities to engage with customers and drive business growth. If businesses want to establish an edge over their competition, they have to personalise their content marketing, collaborate with influencers, master social commerce and optimise voice search.

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