‘Inside Out’ story sparked watching daughter grow up: Pete Docter

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Mumbai, (IANS) Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out” is all set to release across India on June 26, and Oscar-winning director Pete Docter says the whole story sparked from watching his daughter grow up.

“Inside Out” was inspired by Docter’s daughter Ellie, who incidentally was also the voice behind Ellie , one of the characters in “Up”.

“The whole story sparked from watching my daughter grow up. My daughter did the voice of young Ellie in ‘Up’, that spirited, spunky kid with hair out to there, and she was a lot like the character at the time,” Docter said in a statement.

“But by the time we started ‘Inside Out’, Ellie was older, about 11, and she had become quiet and withdrawn. It made me think what’s going on in her head and why is she changing?

“The innocent bubble of childhood bursts and you feel like you’re thrust into an adult world where you’re judged and expected to behave in a certain way. You want to be cool, but you’re not really sure what that means,” he said.

The film premiered in the ‘Out of Competition’ section at the Cannes film festival and received a standing ovation, with film critics raving about it.

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