Interfaith Marriage Hero Bhaksar Kottari Commits Suicide

Interfaith Marriage Hero Bhaksar Kottari Commits Suicide

Kundpaur: A 47-year-old man allegedly committed suicide after jumping into a well at Moodubage near Shankernarayana here on February 6.

The deceased has been identified as Bhaskar Kottari (47) resident of Amparu

It is said that Bhaksar Kottari was missing from morning 11:30 am on Tuesday. He was addicted to alcohol and had recently stopped consuming it. After being away from alcohol he seemed to be mentally depressed. Family members searched for him everywhere and then found his body floating into an open well near the house.

The fire service and Shankernarayna police arrived at the spot and lifted the body out of the well.

A case has been registered in the Shankernarayna police station.

Bhaskar Kottari was married to a Muslim girl Munavar in 1990. After his marriage, communal clashes had erupted across Kundpaur Taluk. Then Bhaskar was known as Interfaith marriage hero in the Kundpaur Taluk

Bhaskar Kotari is survived by his wife and a daughter.

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May he RIP.