Inviting Kalladka Bhat to Kudroli temple insult to Shree Narayana Guru – Dinesh Amin Mattu

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Inviting Kalladka Bhat to Kudroli temple insult to Shree Narayana Guru – Dinesh Amin Mattu

Hindutva Date is Expiring, One Cannot Ask Vote on Hindutva – Dinesh Amin Mattu

Mangaluru: Human chains were formed throughout the state for peace and harmony on January 30. In Mangaluru, many people gathered near the Clock Tower and formed a human chain.

People from all walks of life gathered near the Clock Tower. Later a Human chain was formed by joining hands making a huge circle from the Clock Tower – Nehru Maidan – Market Road – Statebank. Former Minister and MLA of Moodbidri Abhaychandra Jain, Media adviser to the Chief Minister Dinesh Amin Mattu, District Youth Congress President Mithun Rai, Parish Priest of Milagres Church Fr Valerian, PRO of Mangaluru Diocese Fr William Menezes, Parish Priest of Rosario Cathedral Fr J B Crasta, Social Activists Prof Narendra Nayak, P B D’Sa, Dinesh Ulipady and others participated to form the Human chain.

A stage programme was held at the Nehru Maidan. Social Activist Muneer Katipalla welcomed the gathering.

Addressing the gathering Dinesh Amin Mattu said, “Today we have formed the Human Chain for peace and harmony which has been eroding because of some anti-social elements in the society. Recently Janardhan Poojary had invited Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat to the Kodroli Temple for the release of his Autobiography which is an insult to Shree Narayana Guru because the ideologies of Narayana Guru and the one followed by Kalladka Bhat are different. Shree Narayana Guru believed in secularism whereas Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat believes in the opposite”.

Dinesh Amin Mattu further said, “Dakshina Kannada is popular for banking. Indira Gandhi had nationalized the banks and Janardhan Poojary had held the Loan Mela and made the banks to reach everyone’s doorstep which is appreciated. But it is sad that when the NDA government demonetized Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes, the same Janardhan Poojary did not open his mouth”.

Criticizing Prime Minister Modi, Dinesh Mattu said, “Before coming to power Prime Minister Modi was opposing the Aadhar, FDI, GST and Demonetisation but now he is supporting it. It is double standard of the Prime minister, he is trying to create an atmosphere of fear among the people. The murder of Gauri Lankesh is disheartening. Even the Senior Congress leaders are afraid to speak against Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat. All those who have been murdered are the Billawa youth, veteran Billawa leaders should keep their distance from Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat. Instead, the veteran Billawa leader invited Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat to the programme of releasing his autobiography. People of the Billawa community should not be the slaves of the Sangh Parivar.”

Dinesh Amin Mattu also said, “Elections are nearing in the state and we should discuss issues of development and corruption. The voters should keep it in mind the development of the state and good governance. But if God, religion and communalism is spoken during the elections to influence the voters injustice is being done with them. This has happened in UP and Gujarat during the elections and after elections, it became a crematorium. Those using God and religion during the elections should be driven away. Those who use God and religion for vote bank are traitors. People who have the true devotion to God and religion they will not misuse it during the elections.”

Reminding the promises made by PM Modi, Dinesh Amin Mattu said, “The PM had assured of creating 2 crore jobs, Where are the jobs? There is no development and no jobs but Modi says that those who sell Pakoda also have a job. Is begging also a job? he questioned. We need to think seriously. The Hindutva date is expiring, in the name of Hindutva one cannot demand votes. During the elections Modi assured of constructing the Ram Mandir, now their government is in the centre, let them construct it. They talk about Civil Uniform Code, but when Hindus die they are not being cremated in one particular place, they are cremated according to their caste let them bring the Civil Uniform Code for this. They discuss Triple Talaq but I do not know if it is a big issue as they have projected. There might be a few incidents but if the PM has real concern towards the Muslim Community let they give importance to the Sachar committee report. The Muslim population now is 13 percent. The Muslims in India are leading a life worst than the Dalits. In proportion to their population, they do not have jobs but Muslim youth are in jails as undertrials. We need to ask why the Muslim youth are in jails?”

“One of my friends was saying that in Mangaluru immoral policing is rampant. But so far Hindu girls have not filed any complaints of harassment from the Muslim youth. If such harassment is faced by the Hindu girls they would have filed complaints against the Muslim youth. Mangaloreans are very broadminded and the girls and boys go to the ice cream parlours together because in Mangaluru we have the highest number of ice cream parlours especially the ideal ice cream parlours. When I was young we girls and boys used to go to the ice cream parlour, what is wrong in it? A section of the people is creating such a situation. We all should join together to retain peace and harmony. Today we have formed a human chain for 10 minutes which should remain forever.”

Fr Oniel D’Souza and Chandrakala Nandavara also spoke on the occasion. Mayor Kavitha Sanil, former mayor Ashraf, Yadav Shetty, Wilfred D’Souza and others were also present.

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