Is MCC Waiting for PM or CM to Close the Open Pit on Road Adjacent to Padua College


Is MCC Waiting for PM or CM to Close the Open Pit on Road Adjacent to Padua College


Is MCC Waiting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Chief Minister of Karnataka H Kumaraswamy to come down to Mangaluru to Close the Open Pit on the Road Adjacent to Padua College, leading to Yeyyadi

Mangaluru : Call this a act of carelessness or forgetfulness or just a act of ignorance, whatever it is- a pit dug right in middle of the road to fix a leaky water pipe faucet, which is adjacent to Padua College/School, which joins the road leading to Yeayadi/Bondel is posing danger to motorists and pedestrians. With the City already having a bunch of open pits right in middle of footpaths and also on roads at various nook and corners, this one adds to its credit.

Residents in that area say that it was over a month ago, that the workers had dug the brand new road, in order to fix a faulty water pipe of MCC. Even though the leak has been fixed, but the workers have left the open pit as it is, with two barricades surrounding it. And since this street has no proper lighting, many a times motorists, especially to-wheeler riders have barely missed being fallen into the open pit. But why has MCC left the shabby and incomplete work, without rectifying it, is the question many ask.

In spite of images of the open pit posing danger to life has been posted on whatsApp group of MCC Civic Group, and also on facebook, couple of weeks ago, until now no one has taken any action to rectify a safety hazard issue. Hope this issue now highlighted in will bring some positive results at the earliest, before someone falls into the pit and gets hurt- or could be a fatality. Neighbours say when it rains, the pit gets filled with water, to make it more dangerous, and that due to poor lighting on the road, this issue is indeed hazardous. Hope the concerned authorities will do the needful soon. Thank You! இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: புதன், 3 ஜூலை, 2019

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