‘It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road’- Say Staff and Students

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‘It WAS and ALWAYS will be St Aloysius College Road’- Say Staff and Students

“It’s Not Just A Road, It’s Respect Due”; “The Time Is Always Right To Do What’s Right”; “All Roads Lead To Aloysius”; “You Can’t Just Ignore 14,000 Voices”; “It Was and Always Will Be St Aloysius College Road”; “Don’t Be Blind To The Injustice”; read the placards. The protest also conveyed its message via Social media,- Instagram with the hash-tag #SACroad. Long Live St Aloysius Institution!

Mangaluru: “SAC”…”SAC”….”SAC”…”SAC”….roared loudly the degree students of St Aloysius College during a meeting held on 29 June 2017, inside the Eric Mathias Hall to protest against the renaming of “St Aloysius College Road” to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road”.Earlier it was decided to have a massive protest inside the campus, but the police authorities had called the Principal not to have any kind of protest inside or outside the campus, since the 144 section is still on until 30 June. But it is kind of foolish of the police authorities advising the college not to have a peaceful protest inside the campus. What kind of democracy are we in?

Anyways, it was still decided to have the protest indoor, where the student council leaders, along with a bunch of lecturers took part. The meeting began with a prayer song by the college choir invoking God’s blessings, followed by the welcome address by Anoop, lecturer in English, who also compered the meeting. First to address the gathering was Richard Gonsalves- Representative of Staff Association/College Vice Principal who said, ” This stretch of road from MCC Bank to Jyothi Circle had been named as “St Aloysius College Road” since decades. But all of a sudden Mangaluru City Corporation due to the pressure from the Vijaya Bank Workers Association has bowed down its head to them by agreeing to rename the ‘St Aloysius College Rd’ to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road”. But before taking any such steps, MCC and the Government should have at least informed us, instead it has taken its decision secretly, which has deeply hurt everyone at St Aloysius. We urge MCC and the government to change their minds and stop renaming this road immediately”.

Dr N G Mohan- Former president of St Aloysius College Alumni/ae Association said, ” We all respect Mulki Sundararama Shetty for his contribution done to the society. As a chairman of Vijaya Bank, he was an instrument in providing jobs to many people. We have no objection in naming a street in his name, but our concern is that why rename a street which has been named after this prestigious institution for decades. Why can’t the Bank Association change their mind and rename the road from Jyothi Circle to Bunts Hostel, after all their Founder’s Branch is nearby to this road. Even though we had made several requests to the concerned people in this regard, has gone in vain. We will not give up our fight till we get justice in retaining St Aloysius College Road as it is”.

Registrar of St Aloysius College, A M Narahari addressing the audience said, ” Even the police have not cooperated with us- they have stopped us from having a peaceful protest inside our campus. Is this what you call democracy? Even though this road is named as Light House Road earlier, one should know that no one knew about Light House until the Jesuits came and started education on this hill. Just because someone became a Chairman of a Bank, offered many jobs, that doesn’t mean that every road in the City has to be renamed after this soul. One should appreciate the amount of sacrifice the Jesuit Priests have done in educating thousands and thousands of students, who are now serving in various professions worldwide.”

“The sacrifice and dedication rendered by the Jesuits is 100 times more than the Chairman of a Bank or any other person. The Bank Workers Association are demanding us to show a proof that St Aloysius College Road was accepted by MCC- for their kind information, MCC didn’t even exist 30 years ago. People should know that yeomen contribution has been done by the Jesuit Fathers. Education happens not just inside the classroom, but also on the campus. Even though they may succeed in renaming this road, we will fight back until the road name is back to its original. If ‘St Aloysius College Road’ can be changed to ‘Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road” by them, we will see that “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road” is changed back to “St Aloysius College Road” by us all” added Narahari.

Fr Praveen Martis-Principal of St Aloysius College (Autonomous) addressing the students said, “I feel proud that you all have come here in support of a good cause. 137 years ago the Jesuits Fathers came here and changed the whole atmosphere here with divine plus human efforts. Bureaucrats, politicians, association leaders should know that Jesuits came here first, and not Mulky Sundararama Shetty. We respect M S Shetty for his efforts in employing many people, but in the same time, people should also realize that thousands of students have exited through this institution, and are now enjoying good posts all around the world. And for that matter, we are proud to have this road named as ‘St Aloysius College Road’- it was and it will be as it is. We will never sleep until the road remains the same with St Aloysius College Road”.

“With respect, I listened to the SI when he sent me a notice that we should not hold a protest, even on our campus. So we had this peaceful protest indoor, and our message will be spread around through our media friends and through other social media. We don’t want to politicize this issue, instead want to settle it in a peaceful manner. Knowing that our college is closed on Sunday, the Bank Workers Association have kept their renaming of the Road programme coming Sunday- but we will be there on Sunday joined by our students parents, well-wishers, old students and the public. We want to bring an awareness among the public about St Aloysius Institution. Long live St Aloysius” added Fr Martis.

Aman, the College Student president in his speech stressed the importance of being a student of St Aloysius. He praised the college for giving good education to the present generation and also those who have got education from here. He then made a special request to everyone to give due respect to this college by asking them to repeat after him- the three golden letters SAC (St Aloysius College) – and everyone joined in chanting the three golden letters ‘SAC’ in loud voice cheerfully. Hundreds of students joined in the peaceful protest meet holding placards which read, ” It’s Not Just A Road, It’s Respect Due”; “The Time Is Always Right To Do What’s Right”; “All Roads Lead To Aloysius”; “You Can’t Just Ignore 14,000 Voices”; “It Was and Always Will Be St Aloysius College Road”; “Don’t Be Blind To The Injustice”; etc. The protest also conveyed its message via Social media,- Instagram with the hash-tag #SACroad.

As per my perspective, in order to avoid future controversy in this regard, MCC should change its decision in renaming the said street. Why even bother to change “St Aloysius College Road” marker to Mulki Sundararama Shetty Road”- why can’t they find some other street/road and name it after him. Or build a new monument or a park, and name after MS Shetty. There is already a Circle in the City named as “A B Shetty Circle” after Attavara Balakrishna Shetty- the founder chairman of Vijaya Bank. For that matter, why is Vijaya Bank Head Office located in Bangalore-they should have retained it in Mangaluru, when most of its clients are Mangaloreans.

If the Bank Workers Association is proud of their founder chairman that he had provided jobs to thousands of people, just imagine the lakhs of students who had received education from this St Aloysius Institution, and who are in good positions all over the world. So whom do you think this road should be dedicated/named after- of course, St Aloysius College! They are also in the process of changing their logo. The Jesuit priests are making a humble request without stepping into protests or any warnings, so MCC considering this should drop the idea of renaming the said street and retain the old road marker as it is. I am not blaming anyone nor I am against MS Shetty- but being an alumni of this prestigious institution and in the interest of other old students of SAC and citizens of Mangaluru, I feel however it’s not a fitting tribute to MS Shetty by changing the name of a road, which has existed and associated for years with “St. Aloysius College”. MCC can think of a “better idea” in finding a “Better Road or a Place” to be named after MS Shetty, rather than get into all these hassles and controversy.

Vijaya Bank Workers Association Gearing Up to Rename ‘St Aloysius College Road’ to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road’ on Sunday, 2 July 2017

Just imagine this stretch of Road already having two names- “Light House Hill Road” and “St Aloysius College”- and now Vijaya Bank Workers Association are trying to rename it to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road”- and it’s official, with a green light to go ahead with their project given by the Mangaluru City Corporation and State Government. Addressing the media persons during a press meet held this morning (prior to the student peaceful protest) at the Mangalore Press Club, Sitaram Shetty, former president of Vijaya Bank Workers’ Association said, “Light House Hill Road, later named St Aloysius College Road, will be renamed as Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road on Sunday, 2 July 2017 at 10 am at the Vijaya Bank regional office, near Dr Ambedkar Circle”.

“This occasion is a dream come true for all of us, renaming the LHH Rd/St Aloysius College Rd to Mulky Sundararama Road. In the past, we have carried out many projects in the name of Mulky Sundararama Shetty. We had begun the official process for renaming the road since 2010, by approaching various departments in Mangaluru, including MCC, and even concerned offices in Bengaluru- and finally, our efforts have been fruitful. The official letter from the government to go forward with the renaming is with us (showing it to the media), and we seek media support in this regard.” added Sitharam.

The function of renaming the road will be inaugurated by District in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai, with guests of honour namely Mayor of Mangaluru City Corporation Kavitha Sanil; Deputy Commissioner Dr K G Jagadeesh; Police Commissioner R Suresh: UT Khader-Minister of Food and Civil Supplies; MCC Commissioner of Mangaluru City Mohammed Nazeer, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLA’s Moideen Bava and J R Lobo, MLC and Chief Whip-Ivan D’Souza; Former MCC Mayors-Shashidhar Hegde, Harinath M and Mahabala Marla, Dr N Vinaya Hegde- Chairman, Nitte Institutions; Dr Mohan Alva-Chairman-Alva’s Education Trust;, A J Shetty- Chairman, AJ Hospital; A Sadananda Shetty-Chairman, Sri Devi Education Trust; among many other VIP’s.

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  1. A prabhum, Mlore
    Fri, Jun 30 2017
    No change is the best But,,
    When a road in Falnir MARY BRITTO ROAD WHICH WAS in the name of the daughter – in – law of the donor of the St. Aloysious site , a freedom fighter & councillor for 23 years un opposed Was changed no one objected, or opposed. Why now ? Jesuit fathers housed themselves in her fore fathers house and even took it over. ? It’s true !

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