It’s fashionable to be older: Linda Robson

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London, May 16 (IANS) Actress Linda Robson feels it’s “fashionable to be older”.

The 57-year-old believes the “tide is changing” in the TV industry, and that’s why she’s able to hold down two prime-time jobs in ITV’s “Loose Women” and the iconic BBC sitcom “Birds of a Feather”.

“I’m not sure why but it seems fashionable to be older now. Everyone’s got a mum, everyone’s got a nan – people can all identify. I think people like that they can see their mums or their nans in us, and that’s a good thing,” quoted her as saying.

She is enjoying her pace of work.

“I had a few years when I was quiet, because nothing was coming in work-wise and then, all of a sudden, it did. Now it’s really, really busy. I’m trying to not take on any more work so I can have a holiday with the family,” she added.

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