It’s Not Smart to Start ALL Development Works Together & Leave them ALL Incomplete?

It’s Not Smart to Start ALL Development Works Together & Leave them ALL Incomplete?

Mangaluru : One thing for sure, that you’ll all agree with me is that-Digging of roads/streets/bye-lanes/and for drainage work will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what- and we have seen it and will see in future too. Without proper planning new roads are constructed, and after a while the new roads are dug to lay cables- and side of roads dug up for drainage work- and this is the present case where almost the entire City is in a mess with all the development work which was pending due to the mcc elections- and now ALL the pending works are started together, and the bad part is ALL of them are left incomplete (almost in many areas?)

It’s a mess already out there, and traffic and pedestrians are facing the brunt of it. The digging work can be seen across the City, and pedestrians are having a tough time to walk on the footpaths or cross the roads, while the motorists are facing all kind of inconveniences of closed roads, temporary one-way streets, barricades etc etc. There are interlock bricks scattered all over and dug up mud is blocking pedestrians movement.

Until all the city development works undertaken by MCC or Mangaluru Smarty City Ltd is fully completed, pedestrians and motorists have to bear with all these inconveniences and also there would be traffic snarls which will be an added nightmare. Now that these roads/footpaths have been dug, it will be a long long time before they are fully restored to the original condition- and that has been the situation in the past and will also be in future too?

But why all these digging of roads and drainage work all at once? Though this question sounds jocular and funny it is rather a serious one ! The reason because perhaps no one in Mangaluru is fully aware of which roads are/will be dug and for what reason-Saying so from my observation since months and years!. There is no one to take the complete responsibility of digging up the roads. The drainage work started near Kadri Pumpwell, opposite to Natural Ice Cream Parlour few weeks ago has left the area in total disaster-with piles of mud, rocks, and what not scattered all around- and commuters and motorists are facing the brunt of it. And since couple of days, the work has been stopped- and God only knows when the work will restart, and when the project will be completed.

This is not the only case-if you look around the City, drainage works have started and in many cases the work has stopped. Instead of fully completing one work at one area first, they jump to a other project, leaving the earlier project incomplete for a while or may be never? Seems like in this Smart City with Smart Engineers and Contractors they can do anything anytime, nobody has guts to question them. One thing for sure, digging never stops in Mangaluru, every now and then. First it was for optic cables,then it was for water pipes, then sewage/drainage, then MESCOM, etc,

It’s not just nowadays. It is a trend since decades. We had the electricity company, water supply agencies, telecom companies all vying with each other to dig up well laid roads. With no accountability of any sort , anybody with political clout and money to bribe , can dig a road with no questions asked. And now with drainage and road reconstruction works going on, moving around the City has become a nightmare- and it will be long long time, before this City gets back to its normalcy.

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