Jackie Chan’s son to be tried in public

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Beijing, Jan 6 (IANS) Chinese movie star Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan will be tried in public Friday for a drug-related crime, a court announced here Tuesday.

On Aug 14, 2014 Beijing police had detained various people, including Jaycee and Taiwan movie star Ko Chen-tung, for drug offences, Xinhua reported.

Jaycee and Ko tested positive for marijuana and both admitted to have taken the drug.

Police retrieved over 100 grams of marijuana from Jaycee’s residence.

The People’s Procuratorate of Dongcheng district in Beijing filed charges against Jaycee Dec 22 for providing a venue for drug users. In China, the maximum sentence for such a crime is three years in prison as well as a fine.

Drug related crimes in China can carry harsh sentences like life imprisonment to death penalty.

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