Jacqueline Jossa slams ‘disgusting’ trolls

Jacqueline Jossa slams ‘disgusting’ trolls

London: Actress Jacqueline Jossa has slammed social media users for criticising her children’s appearance.

Jossa, who is a mother to three-year-old Ella and seven-month-old Mia, took to Instagram and called out to people saying “trolls need help”, reports dailymail.co.uk.

She said: “If you wanna say something about my kids, expect a reply back, expect it to be rude and expect it to be about your face and your appearance.

“If you insult me, or you insult my kids more importantly, I’m gonna say something back to you. Or I will just block you..But just don’t do it, how about that? Don’t be a weird person.”

The “EastEnders” star insisted that she doesn’t care about trolls attacking her but cannot deal with her children being the centre of the negativity.

“I think it’s strange and odd that you have an opinion so strongly about someone you don’t know… and to have an opinion about their kids… It’s disgusting and weird,” she added.