‘Jagriti’- Child Safety Workshop at Govt Primary School Kodikal by Martial Artist K Kateel

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Mangaluru: ‘Jagriti’- Child Safety Workshop at Govt Primary School Kodikal by Martial Artist K Kateel

Mangaluru: ‘Jagriti’ a child safety workshop and child self-defence techniques demonstration was organized by the students of the Department of Mass Communication, St Aloysius College, Mangaluru on 1 April 2015 at Govt Primary school Kodikal. This child safety awareness program was conducted in collaboration with the Mangalore based NGO, Inchara Foundation (R) and Department of MSW of St Aloysius College.

Preetam Rodrigues of Inchara Foundation along with his team members interacted with the school children and gave insights about child safety. With an experience of conducting awareness program ‘Project Angel’ for more than 2500 children across Mangaluru. Preetam and team successfully conducted child safety awareness class for students of 6th, 7th and 8th standards of Dakshina Kannada District Higher Primary school Kodikal, Mangaluru. He spoke about how alertness and being mindful in each situation is very important to tackle any problem. A video presentation was also conducted to instigate the children’s understanding on different safety measures that was elaborated later.

In continuation to the prior session a self defense demonstration was performed by Kartik Kateel also known as ‘Mangalore Ekalavya’, ‘Stunt Ekalavya’ who has completed his 123rd Swarksha- Self Defence Technique for the school girls and made them witness various techniques that one can do to defend themselves, it was an extremely interactive session as volunteers from the audience also got a chance to try out some of the self defence moves. Kartik Kateel has also organised self defense program for around 30,000 girls and women’s across the state.

The department of Mass Communication of St Aloysius College Mangaluru has been supportive in organising various programs to empower, safeguard the society from various anticipatory evils and has been exhibiting their active participation. In concern to multiple incidents that happened in Mangaluru on children this workshop Jagriti was organised on keeping note about the problems school children confront.

by Wilson Pereira-Event Coordinator, “Jagriti”

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