Mangaluru: NMPT to Observe ’52nd National Maritime Day

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Mangaluru: “The New Mangalore Port Trust will be observing the “52nd National Maritime Day Celebrations” on Sunday, the 05th April 2015 in commemoration of the maiden voyage performed by the first Indian Vessel “S.S. LOYALTY’, owned by M/s Scindia Steam Navigation Company, from Bombay to London on 05th April 1919″ said Capt. V F S Pais, Regional Chairman of Seafarers Association, during the press meet held at Mangalore Press Club.

He further said, “As a part of the said National Maritime Day Celebrations, Merchant Navy week is being observed from 30.3.2015 to 5.4.2015. Several programmes were conducted for the personnel of NMPT, CISF, Coast guard, Customs and all other Port users under the President of Capt. Pradeep Mohanty, Deputy Conservator, NMPT.  Cricket tournament, Swimming Competition and ISPS awareness programmes were  conducted.  Besides, a blood donation camp was held on 31.03.2015 in the Port Trust Hospital of NMPT with the help of Govt.Wenlock Hospital.  58 personnel donated the blood.  In addition, drawing and essay-writing competitions were also conducted for School and Marine college students “.

“On the eve of the said National Maritime day Celebrations, a Wreath-laying will be perform by the Chairman, Dy. Chairman, NMPT along with other officers and Port Users at 8.30 AM on 05.04.2015 at the Seamen’s Memorial, located inside the Wharf area of NMPT, to pay tributes to the seafarers who laid down their lives out at sea. On the occasion of the said National Maritime Day Celebrations, a Radio talk will deliver by Capt. Pravin K. Singh, Dock Master, on the theme topic  “Make in India – an opportunity for the Maritime sector”, which will be broadcasted on 05-04-2015  in the All India Radio, Mangalore.

Under the President Ship of Capt. Santhosh Kumar. S. Darokar, MMD Mangalore along with 15 port users visited Raj Bhavan Bangalore on 30th March 2015 & pin  the first flag to the Governor of Karnataka, His Excellency, along with Sri. M.R.Kamble, IAS, the Principle Secretarty PW. Ports and IWT, Govt. of Karnataka & Sri. T S N Murthy, IRS, Commissioner of Inocme Tax, the Former Dy. Chariman of NMPT.

A valedictory function will be held at 09.00 A.M. at NMPT Cruise Lounge.  P.C. Parida, Chairman, NMPT, will be the Chief Guest and  Suresh P. Shirwadkar, Dy. Chairman, NMPT, will be the Guest of Honor of the said valedictory function.

C G Praveen- Joint secretary of the project and K John- media coordinator were also present during the press meet.


On the occasion of the inauguration of  52nd National Maritime Week, week-long celebrations are being held in all the major ports, Mercantile Marine Departments, marine related educational institutes and other fraternity and will culminate with the main function on April 5th 2012 at Mumbai. The National Maritime Day is celebrated every year on April 5th. National maritime celebrations are organized to commemorate the voyage of the first Indian Ship SS Loyalty from Mumbai to London on April 5th 1919. Every year a theme is given to focus on various aspects of sea trade. This year’s theme is in line with our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s call to the nation “Make in India An Opportunity for the Maritime Sector”.

The focus of the celebrations has been to highlight the role and promote development of the Shipping Industry in all its aspects, by dissemination of information through publications, meetings, seminars, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, etc.

The principal objective of celebrating the Day is to enable the public to know more intimately the activities of the Indian Shipping Industry and the important role it plays in the economy of the country. The needs of shipping industry and the requirement of seafarers are highlighted in various ways on this occasion. Shipping has been rightly called as ‘Silent Service’ as most of the shipping activity takes place away from the land and along the country’s sea borders, i.e. at the ports. In the vast sub continent of India, the public at large has very limited opportunities to observe for themselves the yeoman service rendered by the Indian Shipping industry for the promotion of the economic well being of the country.

As we all know sea trade plays a very important role in the development of a nation. In case of a war, sea trade and merchant navy particularly acts as our second line of defense. The supply linesm are very important when two countries are at war. If the supply lines are blocked, the war is as good as lost. That is why the sea routes and trade is the first to come under attack from an enemy line. The reason allied forces won the Afgan & Iraq war was that they successfully blocked all the supply lines.

As civilians we are aware how it affects us when the road transport system comes to a stand still. We have all experienced it in the recent past. If the sea routes are blocked or stopped you can imagine what will happen. If for one day there is no supply of petrol or diesel at Mangalore the whole city can come to a grinding halt. It is the ships that keep us supplied with all our essential commodities. What moves through other modes of transport is negligible

India stands 17th amongst the 20 most important maritime countries and territories of the world. The strategic geographical position of the Indian sub-continent with its vast expanse of the seas around naturally led to seafaring in India even in the days of Indus valley civilisation as far as 3000 BC. The advent of British era opened India’s coast for more trade and commerce. After Independence Indian shipping began to progress at a rapid pace. Presently 90% of India’s International trade in terms of Volume and 77% in terms of value is moved by sea. Indian shipping achieved considerable growth of 24.12% from early 1980’s to a peak in 1996

The observance of the National Maritime Day has, therefore served a long felt need in bringing the people closer to the shipping industry and enabling them to participate in the celebrations; so that they can share the sense of pride and achievement at the rapid strides made by the Indian Shipping during the last six and half decades since the attainment of independence.

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