Jai Ho! I-Day Bash at Kanara Club was High on Glitz, Glamour, Games, Dance, Music & Masti

Jai Ho! I-Day Bash at Kanara Club was High on Glitz, Glamour, Games, Dance, Music & Masti

Jai Ho! Pre-Independence Day Bash at Kanara Club-Mangaluru was High on Glitz, Glamour, Games, Dance, Music & Masti

Mangaluru : It was one of the BIGGEST, CRAZIEST, HAPPIEST, LOUDEST, and NAUGHTIEST Pre-Independence Day Bash in the History of Kanara Club-for the fact, Kanara Club having organized I-D parties in the past for decades, had never organized such a full-fledged, fun-filled I-D extravaganza like the one that was hosted on 14 August 2019.

Celebrating Pre Independence Day Bash at Kanara Club was a glamorous and fun filled show. Like India, KC too stood for unity in diversity- Spread across the length and breadth of the country with endeavor to bring families together thereby strengthening the social fabric of the country. The celebration witnessed over 300 members and guests, all gathered in the ‘Extreme-Makeover’ Badminton Court of KC, bedecked in opulent shades of tri-colour of Indian flag, coupled with elegant reflective lights completed the entire traditional vibe with a contemporary twist. Colorful balloons and buntings also added charm and beauty to make the evening a glittering and glamorous showbiz.

Plus the Massive Video Screen to display the Housie Housie game numbers, Massive Sound System, Massive Light Show & an Incredible Duo Live Band made this I-Day the AREA’S BIGGEST BASH of 2019. There were fabulous prizes for the Housie Housie game, ranging from lump sum cash for the winners along with other goodies like Free stay at Sterling Resort, Dinner vouchers of Hotel Taj Gateway-Mangaluru, and also a round trip from Mangaluru to Dubai-among many other gift vouchers and hampers.

Yes, August spells tri-colour! The Indian Independence Day marks the birth of a Nation free from the rule of its colonial masters.The tri-colour was first hoisted on the midnight of August 15, 1947 by the freedom fighters and the leaders of free India to celebrate the beginning of a new era. Freedom is a moment of pride and glory; it’s a victory of several brave men and women who fought tirelessly to set their motherland free from the clutches of imposers. Independence Day is a day to remember, salute and pay tribute to the brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for a free India.

This National festival unifies people and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. India is a land of diverse cultures, languages, arts and beliefs. To quote Sashi Tharoor:“… to me India is a thali – a selection of sumptuous dishes in different bowls. Each tastes different, and does not necessarily mix with the next, but they belong together on the same plate, and they complement each other in making the meal a satisfying repast.” Its a day Indians come together, stay united and pay their respects. Singing the National Anthem when the flag is hoisted is a moment that turns every Indian’s eyes misty and upholds the respect for our Motherland. Salute!

To the point: Being the proud Indians we are, we swell with patriotism every time August 15 comes around. Whether it’s by putting up little flags or watching a special parade, we try to join in the celebrations in our own way. And to switch it up a little higher, and to celebrate India’s freedom from the hands of the Britishers, the best way to celebrate India’s FREEDOM is to have a Pre-Independence Day Party- and that’s exactly what the members of KC, and their family members, relatives, friends and well-wishers did- and 2019 Kanara Club Pre-Independence Party will be remembered as the BEST I-DAY PARTY EVER! Kudos to Naveen Cardoza-the Secretary of Kanara Club, and the organizing committee members of this I-D bash for putting up a great show, which will remember as a Memorable I-Day Party of 2019 by all the revelers who joined in the celebration.