‘Jeeva Rakshaka’ Award for Those Helping Mishap Victims

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Bengaluru: This subject of running to the rescue of victims of road mishaps and any other disasters has been hotly discussed for long.

There has been an inborn inhibition among the public that helping accident victims could lead to needless harassment from the police and running around courts etc. This is not without basis. Those who have undergone the experience bear witness to it.

But during the past two years, the Union government as well as orders from the supreme court have tried to dispel these fears by instilling confidence among prospective Good Samaritans.

The Union government has instructed the state governments to pass suitable orders to the police and health authorities not to create problems for those rescuing victims.

The state government is taking complementary steps in this direction. The man at the helm of the department of health and family welfare, U T Khader, has himself gone on record by getting victims admitted to hospitals whenever he came across mishaps on the way.

The matter being close to his heart, Khader, while speaking on the occasion of the World Tuberculosis Day observed in the NIMHANS convention auditorium, said that the government proposed to honour those who volunteer to save lives and the doctors who help, with Jeeva Rakshaka (Life-saver) awards.

It is really distressing to see that more people take time to click photographs or video clippings with their mobile phones rather than help the victims.

A more vigorous awareness campaign is the need of the hour.

A salute to do-gooders!

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