JLo limits kids from using gadgets

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Los Angeles, March 14 (IANS) Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she only allows her children to use iPads once a week and that she is a strict parent to seven-year-old Max and Emme — her twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Introducing ‘Sunday Funday’ as an incentive for her children to be well-behaved during the week, their good behaviour means that they’re allowed to play on the devices when the weekend comes around.

“It starts with a late breakfast. We sleep in, even the kids sleep in. And Sunday Funday, they work towards that because they don’t get to use their iPads during the week. Or play video games or anything because it’s school time.

“And they have to be good in school and then they get Sunday Funday. It’s something I made up so they could work towards it and behave,” she told eonline.com when asked what a typical Sunday involved.

Lopez knows that the gadgets are an easy way to keep her children occupied, but she doesn’t want them to be using them all the time, even if it means she’ll get an opportunity to catch up on her sleep.

“All they want to do is be on these devices all the time. They get to play with it as much as they want that day.

“And I get to lay down because it’s an amazing baby (tool) — everybody knows — that’s why they give it to them all the time. But you know, I try to regulate it and then on Sunday, I let them go and I take a nap while they’re doing it,” she said.

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