Juggling different roles can be difficult: Yuvraj Singh

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Juggling different roles can be difficult: Yuvraj Singh

New Delhi, April 27 (IANS) Maintaining a balance between your personal and professional life can be hard when you are constantly on the move, and cricketer Yuvraj Singh could not agree more. He says juggling between roles can be difficult at times and that it takes a dedicated team to ensure he is on track.

Asked how he balances between his work schedule and personal life, Yuvraj told IANS: “It takes a dedicated team to ensure I am on track with all my responsibilities. Juggling between different roles can be difficult at times, but I am very aware of how lucky I am to have all of this.”

The 36-year-old cricketer, who married Bollywood actress Hazel Keech in 2016, says he has “no complaints”.

Singh, a crusader against cancer, made a comeback to India’s cricket team after a long hiatus in 2017.

Talking about how he is looked upon as an inspiration for the youth, he said: “I look forward to being motivated while I play, and I take each day as an opportunity to do more, give more. I feel blessed to have the love and best wishes of fans and supporters.”

The ace cricketer is busy with the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) where he turns out for KIngs XI Punjab.

With many foreign stars playing in the IPL every year, are they becoming more adept in Indian conditions and are we losing some of our home advantage as a result?

“IPL was conceived as a format that allowed the best of cricketing talent to compete with each other and entertain cricket fans. So over the last 11 seasons definitely there are more non-Indian players who now understand subcontinental pitches or our bowling and can adapt better when we are playing each other’s national sides. But the reverse is also true,” he said.

Yuvraj said Indian players have had an opportunity to observe and learn from “phenomenally talented players”.

“We have a different comfort level and, all in all, a much better equation as players of the game. Obviously when we don the national colours, we are all playing for our country and that is the passion that drives us to give it our best,” he said.

The cricketer was here to launch a dining programme — EazyDiner Prime in association with American Express.

Asked if a candlelight dinner is his idea of a perfect date, Yuvraj said: “I would have earlier said candle-light dinner at home. But with EazyDiner booking a table at a restaurant has become very hassle-free. Now candle-light dinner at a restaurant sounds wonderful!”

But the cricketer has immense love for home-cooked food.

“If I am at home in Chandigarh then I would love to eat home-cooked food, and my mother also makes sure she cooks my favourite dishes. For special occasions and events, we go out,” he said.

Singh says he really looks for an opportunity to get home-cooked food because as a cricketer he is on the move and eating in restaurants or hotels.

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