Justice is Still a Mirage for the Parents of Rohit Radhakarishnan

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Justice is Still a Mirage for the Parents of Rohit Radhakarishnan

Justice is Still a Mirage for the Parents of Rohit Radhakarishnan who was brutally murdered near Tannirbhavi- Mangaluru on 23rd of March 2014.

Mangaluru: It had been three years since the headless body of their kid Rohit Radhakrishnan (22), who was a final year student of AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, was found near the beach road towards Tannirbavi was discovered on the fateful morning of March 23, 2014. The tears of his parents Dr Sreedevi and Advocate Radhakrishnan is never dried. Nightmares are hounding them and his dear and near every night as well as days.

Dr Sreedevi who was a practising paediatrician was working in Bahrain at that time, could not bear the loss of his son, is back home at Kuzhikkala Pathanamthitta, working with a hospital nearby and his father Adv. Radhakrishnan . Both tried their level best with all possible channels to get the enquiry forward, including legal. This was battled down by the unseen, mighty monster forces that were responsible for his death. After three years, there is not an even conclusion on the cause of death. The police and other machinery that should have been protecting the life of the citizens are showing a cold face to the enquiry. It is not their priority at all.

What is the result of that enquiry? Where it stands?

The force behind his death knows very well that over a period of time, all these incidents would be wrapped in history. Everyone will forget about the incident, circumstances, and the people behind the crime. Only the dear and near of the victims would be mourning and passing days and nights in tears! From the beginning, the case was trying to be covered up by everyone including police. Postmortem of the body was done by incompetent persons. The police enquiry and subsequent CB-CID enquiry was an eye wash. And no idea about the case files in this case.

The family had raised many questions. But the investigating team could find only very little answers.

Most unanswered questions are.

1. If it is an accident claimed by the police, how come a clean cut on the neck while hitting on the trees?

2. What was the logical explanation on riding the bike on undergarments and missing foot wares?

3. Why is the postmortem video missing from the submitted records of the evidence?

4. Why his so called friends didn’t search for missing Rohit for 12 hours and why they destroyed evidence by going back to his place of stay?

There are many…. Many more questions need to be answered. What is the value of life, if a possible homicide is not being investigated and culprits are brought under justice? Only request from never drying tears of Rohit’s parents is “Justice. Justice and Justice to the death of their son Rohit Radhakrishnan who was the only reason for their living” We have never got justice from anyone, Police, Government, Society, and Judiciary! Where should we go to seek Justice? Or whom should we seek Justice? This is the only question in front of us!!

If you have any clues you can contact: Adv. M. S. Radhakrishnan (Father of Rohit) Phone number: 91 9447028475; Adv. M. S. Anil Kumar (Uncle) Mobile: +91 0847397462 or Er. Devraj C Sathyadevan: 91 9497126511

Submitted by: Grieving maternal Uncle Devraj C. Sathyadevan (Devraj.cs@gmail.com)

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  1. Travesty of justice indeed! No words of consolation to the parents can help. Punishing the perpetrator is the least our system can do, but it is so disheartening to see this case going nowhere.
    Kudos to Team Mangalorean for publishing this article. Most other portals are busy minting money publishing paid articles with dozens of photographs, pushing their business interests, and giving a diplomatic view on everything which needs critical analysis. Long live journalism!

  2. Yes, Thank you for the Mangalorean Team. It is the fact that when most media are shying away from publishing hard facts, but go behind sensational journalism and treating it as a money making business, Mangalorean had the courage to show the mightiness of the pen . Only few are standing on strong feet to protect the citizen’s right and interest. Mangalorean took a special interest in this case from very beginning and made many follow-up work. May be the perpetrators of the crime are much more powerful and stay beyond the reach of the law, government and judiciary so justice will remain as a mirage for the victims and the surviving family.

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