Kalkura Prathisthana to hold 34th National Children’s Festival ‘Sri Krishna Vesha Competitions

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Kalkura Prathisthana to hold 34th National Children’s Festival ‘Sri Krishna Vesha Competitions 

Mangaluru: “With an immaculate intention to develop the religious and cultural awareness and to encourage the hidden talents in children, Kalkura Prathisthana has organizesd National-level Children’s Festival “Sri Krishna Vesha Competitions from the past three decades. This year the Kalkura Prathisthana will organize the competitions on September 2, at Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Various competitions will be held at 9 venues simultaneously and the cultural programmes will be held from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight”, said the president of Kalkura Prathisthana Pradeep Kumar Kalkura in a press meet held at the Sharada Vidyalaya, Kodialbail here on August 30.

Pradeep Kumar Kalkura further said, “This nationally acclaimed competition will have 34 categories. This year we have added one more category to the list, that is Sri Krishna Katha Drawing competition which will commence at 9:30 am at the Temple premises. The competition will be held in Shri Krishna Janmamahothsava Samithi Main Stage, Abhishek Hall First Floor, Abhishek Hall Second Floor, Sri Ganapathi Temple, Kalyana Mantap, Manjushri and near Kadri Kere Ashwatha Katte”.

The categories are as follows:

KANDA KRISHNA: for Tiny Tots, below one year. Parents can lead the child to the stage.
MUDDU KRISHNA: for Toddlers of above 1 year and below 2 years. In this section, mothers are allowed to come on the stage along with the participant.
THUNTA KRISHNA: for the toddlers of 2 to 3 years
BALA KRISHNA: for the Kindergarten and LKG students
KISHORA KRISHNA: for the UKG and 1st Standard students
SRI KRISHNA: for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Standard students
GEETHA KRISHNA: for students up to 7th Standard (create Geethopadesha situation with costumes)
YAKSHAKRISHNA: In order to develop an interest in Yakshagana the famous culture of Dakshina Kannada District, a special category of YAKSHAKRISHNA is added (Thenku or Badagu) students up to X Standard can participate in this category. The participants have to wear Yakshagana Costumes.
RADHA KRISHNA: The students up to VII Std can participate.
YASHODA KRISHNA: In this category woman as Yashoda and any child as Krishna can participate with action( No age limit for woman and Child (Krishna up to l or 2 years).
SHANKHANADA: With Traditional Costumes: For children up to 7th Std.
SHANKAUDGOSHA: – With traditional costumes for children above 7th Std up to PUC.
SHANKANINADA: With traditional costumes for open to all.
DEVIKA KRISHNA: Mother (our previous participants) as Devaki, Child as Krishna can participate.
VASUDEVA KRISHNA – (Open to all) -Any men with traditional costumes as Vasudeva and kid as Krishna can act (No age limit and plastic baskets not allowed) Woman can act as Vasudeva with men costume.
NANDA GOKULA: Episode Presentation of Lord Krishna’s Life by Group minimum 5 members) no age limit.
BALA KRISHNA QUIZ COMPETITION – Above VII Standard (The quiz questions will be released on the spot).
SRI KRISHNA QUIZ COMPETITION – Above VII Standard (The quiz questions will be released on the spot).
KRISHNA PHOTOGRAPHY Interested participants should attend with the costume of Krishna with the attractive pose at the stage in Temple premises.

SRI KRISHNA VARNA VAIBHAVA DRAWING COMPETITION: This will be conducted in 5 Categories, they are Shishu, Bala, Kishora, Taruna and open to all. The participants should be present before 9:30 am with required things.

SRI KRISHNA Gana VAISHNAVA Competition: This will be conducted in 4 Categories Shishu, Bala, Kishora and open to all. Participants should be present before 9:30 am.
Rangoli Shri Krishna (Traditional dot Rangoli) Rangoli Competition conducted in 3 Categories they are Bala, Kishora and open to all.

Rangoli Shri Krishna (freehand Rangoli) Rangoli Competition conducted in 3 Categories (Bala, Kishora, and open to all.

In this religious festival conducted under the auspices of Kaikura Prathisthana, every participating child will be honoured with an idol of Udupi Kadagolu Krishna, made of Panchaloha along with books relating story of Sri Krishna, certificate, Photo of Lord Kadri Sri Manjunatha and prizes sponsored by sponsors with an attractive cloth bag. Shrimad Bhagavad Geetha book will be given to all the participants.

Group Photo: On the day of the competition, at 3:30 pm. exclusive arrangement has been made for the Group Photo session of the participants in their Krishna Vesha costumes in front of the lighthouse of the temple for press/TV media coverage.

Special encouragement will be given to special children and physically challenged children and organizations connected with these categories.

Hot Milk, Pedha and Ice Cream will be distributed only to competing children.

Parents may get their children with costume and makeup at their homes or may arrange at the spot (at their own expenses).

Expert professional Photographs will be present on the occasion and Parents may arrange for photographs (at their own expenses)

For more details please contact: Ph: 2492239, 9448125949, 9845063062,

Dayananda Kateel, Sharada Vidyalaya, Kodialbail, Kadri Navneeth Shetty, Sudhakar Rao Pejawar, Gokul K and others were also present.

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