Karkala: Scare around as Bisons Show up in Belmannu Church Surroundings

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from Rashmi Mundkur
Citizen journalist
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Karkala: Bisons (Indian bison or gaur or Bos gaurus) have been spotted at different places around Karkala in the past years. A few years ago, a lone bison had been seen marching in Nitte. Another had trespassed into the airport’s runway about two years ago.bison

They have been spotted near Kinnigoli and Belmannu village some time ago. Some now appear to have come closer to the residential areas in Belmannu village this week. Since Belmannu, Bola Padavu and Sacheripet Kaje are in the forest periphery, they seem to have strayed into the human habitat, in search of food. This has created

Four of them have reportedly camped very close to the Belmannu church over the past three days, according to villagers. Many people claim to have spotted them during daytime. This has created a sense of scare and insecurity among them. Children going to school too are afraid to move around.

One of them had appeared in front of a school by the side of the Karkala-Padubidri highway. On hearing the noise of the traffic, it jumped over the school compound and run towards the forest.

Forest personnel have said that four bisons, including a calf, had lost their way in the forest and strayed towards the residential area. They had been driven back to the forest.

The personnel say that on their own the bisons are harmless. Ony when they feel threatened or disturbed, they can suddenly attack as part of self-defence.

Bison bulletins:

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